Do you own or know of a Disney style/themed chateaux in France?

A major uk newspaper is looking for French Chateaux that are Disney themed or at least Disneyesque. There is a generous fee on offer of £250, if you know of one or own one, please let me know.

Must have turrets! or, they are both privately owned the first in Champagne-Fontaine the other near Paussac

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I know several Micky Mouse chateaus but that’s another story…


You can’t get more fairytale than this. Lots of beautiful turrets.
You even have to cross the drawbridge and knock on the door to be let in. It is wonderful


chateaux verteuil, charente
Chateau d’Usseé, Loire Valley (actually hosts fairytale characters / e.g. sleeping beauty)


Castle Coch near Cardiff has turrets, battlements a dungeon a drawbridge some beautiful rooms and is set in a beautiful wood with commanding view of the Taff Vale. Always well worth a visit. In France there are many castles but how about Chantilly a few miles north or Paris.

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Slightly confusing but I presume they mean chateaux that inspired Disney artists as I doubt many real chateau owners have been influenced by an American film company.
If it was anywhere in Europe Neuswangstein in Bavaria would have to be high on the list but as far as France goes Violet Le Duc’s rebuilding of Pierrefonds, well known to followers of BBC’s Merlin, is pretty much the best.

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Le Stelsia in St. Sylvestre Sur Lot, owned by the man who runs the Gifi chain. It’s all painted purple, yellow and green.

Hi James,

I’ve been photographing Wine Chateaux in the Gironde for a few years now - Here are a few that may meet the ‘Disney’ requirement;-

Chateau Millet - Portets

Chateau Palmer - Margaux

Chateau D’Agassac - Ludon Medoc

Chateau Pichon-Longueville - Paulliac

Chateau de Monbazillac - Mobazillac

Chateau de Rayne Vigneaux - Sauternes


The Gifi chain is famously owned by a woman.

This one is also privately owned

Well there is an opportunity!!!
One of the wine chateaux around here could create there own
Disneyland theme park and welcome lots of excited kids to visit.
Which newspaper would this be?

really? I didn’t know that, always thought it was Monsieur Gifi as he’s often there at the restaurant. It’s quite a place, very eccentric and a real draw around these parts.

Phillipe is the head of the company but I watched a programme once showing how it was Brigitte who came up with the concept when she was looking for something to occupy herself. A real success story.

Yes I went there to have lunch with a friend of mine.
It is eccentric and interesting as a venue but not with Disney
characters or based on the Disney theme.
I would go back again one day to capture the full experience
on a summers day but the restaurant was not in any way special.

Chateau Challain-la Potherie, Pays de la Loire.

Everyone who sees Chateau Challain says “its a bit Disney isn’t it?”

Disney is a world where animated characters live… can not see them.

Last time I visited - a long time ago - it was being claimed as the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty.
It fits the bill though

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