Do you own the prettiest Gite in France? Enter the competition and find out!

(Catharine Higginson) #1

Post pictures of your gites and holiday rentals in France. The very best rentals as voted by SFN member feedback will win free a free listing on Good luck!


(Jill Harrison) #2

Hi these are my Gites in Southern Brittany called La Maison des Fleurs, each Gite is named after a flower, Le Petunia, La Jacinthe et La Jonquille!

(Rikki Pitt) #3

I think it was because I hadn’t signed up for this blog post that’s all! Looking forward to seeing the entries come in!

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Rikki - you probably need to check your settings ?

(Rikki Pitt) #5

Ooops, I didn’t realise people were posting their entries so soon! Hopefully I’ll get notifications of these posts now!


(Cate Chambers) #6

I had the pleasure of visiting La Petite Glycine last Friday, and have to say it’s gorgeous inside and out - fabulously spacious inside, classic decor, lots of natural light. Also impressive were the manicured lawns surrounding the outbuildings, restored to pristine condition.

Located on the outskirts of a beautiful village just minutes from Niort, La Petite Glycine has it all :slight_smile:

(Debbie Kibble) #7

La Petite Glycine, Nr NIORT, Deux Sevres

(Jennifer Clayton) #8 Near Vannes

(Wendy Boyrie) #9 near Montpellier & NImes