Do you use a Drone?

I know some members have Drones… and I’m just wondering how much they get to use them …

Have they hit any snags ?? (no pun intended) :blush:

I bought one of these earlier in the year in Hong Kong on my way to Tahiti and Bora Bora for a few weeks. It was £400 cheaper than I’d seen it on Amazon.
Stayed at the Peninsula hotel which has a helicopter pad. Very worrying flying for the first few flights.

Took some great footage from there. The drone shoots in 4K and can fly up to 7 kms from the control device it also has a “Home” button so you can program it to return automatically from where it set off, it uses sensors to avoid obstacles. Sadly the “Home” button doesn’t always work, on one of the first flights in Bora Bora my room was an end of pontoon over water bungalow,mi flew it across the lagoon but the wind became very strong and the drone wouldn’t come back, I kind of had an idea where it crashed and walked about a mile through the waist high water, finally retrieved it on the roof of a corrugated roof propellers were broken but I had spares. I’ll try to upload some footage

Bought a cheap one from a friend to have a play with, no return home or take off button but does have FPV camera. I am not an accomplished pilot! more hours needed but fun for the few minutes the batteries last. I would consider upgrading to a better model but other priorities at the moment.

The battery on this one last just short of half an hour plus I bought a spare one. In hindsight getting a cheap one to practice with is a good idea

I saw on the shopping channel (one of them) just last night, a drone for £179 with a good camera on a gimbal, single button take off and landing geo stationary height and a good battery life!

Hasn’t Lee Bentley got one?

He does - he posted some good clips :slight_smile:

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How do I upload a video please