Do you want to speed up your web browsing?

(Nick Aurelius-Haddock) #1

This is a little tip I have been using since it came out, but thought everyone might find it useful.

Did you know that Google support and offer a free global public DNS service? Do you not even know what DNS is?

Well, it is a very important part of the internet, as it turns your into a number that the computer can understand, remember these pesky old computers only understand numbers.

Well, the speed of the DNS servers, and their access to this translation information is very important in the overall performance of your web browsing experience, so this change, in combination with using a good browser like Firefox or Google chrome will make it that bit quicker.

Everyone connected to the internet gets given a set of DNS servers addresses when they connect, and you can see what these are by opening a command line and typing:

For windows ---- ipconfig /all

For Linux/OSX ---- cat /etc/resolv.conf

These will by default be the ones that your ISP provides, and let me assure you having worked at the core of the internet for years, these can be of extremely variable quality.

Now, how you change the DNS settings depends on your OS, so I won't detail that here, Google search on how to do this for your OS. You just need to find where your DNS settings can be changed , and then set them to these easy to remember numbers and

Give it a go and see if you find a difference, it certainly does here on my machines running Ubuntu. Also have a read about their advantages in the link I supplied above and see why it is worth the effort to switch.