Dobermann lost at Villac(24)

I do hope not but David is that Enola?

I think Enola is a female

No Sue,

it is not, since my lovely Beauceronne, Ramona, got lost from a friend’s house while I was away some years ago and I put her details on Chiens Perdus, they always send me details of dogs lost and found in the Dordogne. So I have been posting them on a forum ever since and thought that this was the best one now.

It was really a trial to see if it was acceptable and also to make sure I could post photos too.

Regarding Enola, I fear, not for the first time that I have done all I can for her. A solution for the escaping, rolled wire at the base of the gate (works I think but haven’t enough at the moment) maybe in sight and the the separation issue seemed to be getting better, but my experience of the last couple of days has put it all in doubt again

2 days ago walking them both (her and my very frail 16+ Setter, Tosca) in the field together again because exiting the house with one was too traumatic, she raced at very high speed all over the place while Tosca galloped at her usual slow pace rocking backwards and forwards rather than running. I thought I could protect her but Enola, completely without malice intent, raced at possibly 80 km/hr (she seems to me as fast as a former Greyhound who we actually timed at that speed) straight past Tosca’s head at right angles, but too close and there was a sickening loud thwack as something, possibly Enola’s tail, hit her in the head. She collapsed immediately and didn’t move. I thought she was dead, but she seemed disorientated and stunned and I sat down stroking her in the middle of the field for 10 minutes while Enola raced hither and thither. Eventually she got to her feet with my help but was staggering about so I carried her most of the way home.

So yesterday I went back to individual walking, first Tosca and then Enola. The latter kicked up a helluva fuss but was trapped in the house and did no damage. This morning we did the same, with the same trouble to get one out and one in. All doors and windows were locked but, halfway through the forest Enola caught us up and was dashing around in a very dangerous fashion with a stick, so, after taking that from her I put her on a short lead, simply to protect Tosca, we had a short walk and then I brought them both back.

I was very slowly getting on top of the separation anxiety, I had plans for the escaping problem which I really thought would bear fruit, but I can no longer risk Tosca’s life.

So sad, I have never failed with a dog in my life before, even an extremely strong and boisterous male Dobermann who I transported from a Paris refuge (they even gave me a muzzle for him and he wore a very heavy duty leather harness with a handle on the back which would have served well for a crane lifting bales) to a pension near Bordeaux where he was put to death less than 2 hours after I left because in quick succession he bit 3 people. Someone made the mistake of getting between him and a female (he at that point was still entire) and the situation was so urgent that the patron had no time to don a protective jacket. He was hospitalised near death because of the blood gushing from his severe wrist wound. He had given me no trouble on the long journey south, including 2 breaks out of the car when I gripped his handle with one hand while clipping a lead with the other and unloading and reloading him at Sharon’s for an overnight stop.

How did she get out this morning? She unlocked the kitchen veranda window and dropped the 2 metres to the ground. I have no way of blocking or locking that window, so it must be the end of the line. Hopefully at Sharon’s she will have more reason to stay ‘home’ with lots of dogs to play with as long as she doesn’t get too attached to someone there. Difficult dogs often get attached to Sharon’s husband, Andy, I hope this does not become the case this time because I have seen her climb the 1.5 metre fence there.

Sue, I am a bit confused by the system at Survive, I notice that some emails are published as posts, but not ours. Why is that? If you want to I would be happy for you to make this one public. I am a bit down in the dumps at the moment and now have to explain all the above again, but in French. ;-(

Best wishes, David.

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Very perceptive of you Eddie, did I make a gender mistake somewhere? :wink:

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David I was answering Sue ,in another thread you said Enola was female, this lost dog is male

Oh I see, you had me wondering there. lol…David

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Doh! :roll_eyes: Coronabrain again!

David, your comment: "Sue, I am a bit confused by the system at Survive, I notice that some emails are published as posts, but not ours. Why is that? If you want to I would be happy for you to make this one public. I am a bit down in the dumps at the moment and now have to explain all the above again, but in French. ;-( "

There are two types of “email”. The long one you’ve just posted is public because you just clicked on the “reply” button under my comment.
The PMs - ie private messages are the ones only the person you are addressing can see. To send a PM you click on the person’s icon (sometimes this is a photo, in yours and my case it’s just a letter) and that brings up box which has information on the person (when they joined etc) and a blue rectangle in the top right hand corner, which says “message”. click on that and the message you then type will only go to that person.

So sorry to hear about Enola, but your priority has to be Tosca. Such a tough choice as it seems you were really making progress with Enola. Please don’t see it as failure. All of this is just learning - and part of that learning for you is that you are not just one individual but two and so there is a joint decision to be made about which dogs you can foster, at least for a time. Not least for Enola, it sounds like she needs to be with (an)other young active dog(s) who are going to match her energy and tire her out. That way, not least she will be tired and happy to sleep and her anxiety may well reduce.

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Still confused sorry to say, because my long post was in an email reply to you and I can’t see it anywhere in public. But I can see your comment above which references it, so presumably some people might be confused as to what you are referring. :confused:

Forget all that nonsense, I can see it now. Off to find a dark room.

Mind you, it is in the wrong thread. ;-(

Strange, because I can see your email, in public, posted 3 hours ago immediately under Eddie’s comment about Enola being female! It’s not come into my private messages. Sorry if I’m causing confusion. Again, a touch of Coronabrain - that and trying to get our gite ready in too much heat!

Has the dog been found yet?

I don’t know Lily,

you have to check with the website linked

Best wishes, David.

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