Doctolib et MonEspaceSanté

Maybe I’m being a bit thick… it’s about sharing medical docs with a consultant during a teleconsultation via Doctolib, set up by the consultant. They have sent an email with instructions to join the rdv so there is no problem with that.

But it seemed like a Doctolib account would be needed. But now I’m confused. The account doesn’t appear to know about the rdv, and it seems to want you to upload medical documents to it.

I thought all the medical info in MonEspaceSanté can already be accessed by consultants/doctors etc, if you have allowed it.

Is this reference helpful?

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To add to that - Doctolib is a private company and whereas the individual consultants may well have access to your records, Doctolib doesn’t unless you specifically upload them. I did that once but have now stopped.

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Many thanks for your comment Angela. We hesitated about uploading docs because it’s a huge pain, and everything is already in MonEspaceSante. It didn’t seem to make sense. Looks rather like Doctolib is trying a take-over of something that already works. We’re just anxious to make sure the consultation works out OK.

Thanks Graham, but to read it I have to subscribe to The Local…
I just logged into Mon Espace Santé, don’t know why I didn’t think of that before, and that seems to me to be the official record, not Doctolib at all.

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With my last 2 consultations, the doctors concerned wanted to see any documents I had - prescriptions, referral letter and the like, and took no notice of anything that might have been on Doctolib. I would recommend taking paper copies of everything you can think of - as per usual :smiley:

It’s a tele-consultation Angela, so I don’t think paper will work ! But I take your point.
I’m believing in this for the moment…

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Ah! That makes sense. Yes, I should stick with believing in the official site. Have you checked that everything they might want is actually on there? I only have very recent stuff on mine…

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Pretty sure everything is there - the list is very long, starting from now and going back in time, and includes prescriptions, consultations, results of analyses, operations…

Sounds absolutely right to me! When is the appointment? (Just so we can send positive vibes…)

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It is on Thursday morning, technology permitting!

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Let us know how you go x

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Bit of a side note; But has anyone else been having problems uploading documents to MonEspaceSante or is it just me ?

We have found it very easy to be honest - easier than the DMP was previously.
Are you trying to upload very big documents perhaps?

I have just tested uploading a document to mine and it worked absolutely fine.
I scan my documents and save as pdf files and upload the pdf.
In the Help area of the site I found this:

“Afin de pouvoir être ajouté à Mes documents de santé, votre fichier doit être au format .jpeg, .png, .jpg, .pdf, .rtf, .tif, .tiff ou .txt et d’une taille maximale de 5Mo.”

I thought there must be a maximum file size but until now I wasn’t aware of what it was.


No, not large file sizes. Around 500kb and in pdf format from our scanner. Never had a problem with my DMP but this new site just will not accept any new documents from me. Just says that there is a ‘technical issue’ and to try again later. Been like that for three months or more.

@Robert_Hodge If it has been going on for that long I would send them a message for their technical team. Note: The Messagerie is just for communicating with health professionals.

Login, Click on ‘Aide & Contact’ at the bottom of the Accueil page.
Click on the box ‘Nous Contacter’ and fill in the contact form for technical help. Perhaps choose ‘mes documents’ as the ‘Motif de contact’. Then write your message.
Good luck. Keep us posted.

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and from Vanessa tells me, there used to be an issue uploading our documents to the DMP site but that has diminished since the new site started.
Sometimes these things are relative to your internet connection. Slight interruptions otherwise unnoticed when reading content but significant when uploading documents can play a part in causing issues.

Seems like the problem is at my end then. Perhaps it’s Ghostery running some sort of interference. When I have a bit of time I shall see if I can turn off Ghostery in relation to the specific website and give it another go.
I did contact the Assurance Maladie over the issue who advised me to phone them so that they could talk me through the procedure, as though it may be the case that I’m not pressing the right buttons in the right order, which I know is not the case.

Two option to try when you open Ghostery