Documents required to obtain carte vitale - ? form from doctor?

Hi everyone,

Fresh from the success of getting the car onto french plates (really easy! we were amazed) Husband is now planning to tackle his next step in integration/ full time residence - obtaining a carte vitale.

As I am still working full time in the UK and resident there we have been able to obtain a "workers S1" - which now seems to be called a "portable document". Anyway we got this quite easily from HMRC and it came withn four weeks, as they said it would.

We have had the birth and marriage certificates translated and I have been researching what document he needs to take with him to CPAM:

- birth and marriages certs (and their translations)

- the S1

- copy of passport

- copy of attestation for house ( not sure if this is actually necessary)

- copy of utility bill to prove he lives there

- two passport photos

- signed form from doctor ????? I have seen it mentioned in my research that a form is required, he does have a french Dr in the village as we have been paying for consultations/ drugs up to now. Does anyone know the name or number of this form???? Husband (who is getting quite into the french ways) tells me that all forms have a number. I looked on but could not see anything that looked suitable.

Anything else?



Thanks everyone.

I dont think that I have to fill in a form though? I still have to use NHS in the UK and I have an EHIC card and travel insurance as I am only in france for 6 - 8 weeks holidays a year :-(

He is early retired but under Uk state pension age but we can get the S1 off my ongoing national insurance contributions, renewable annually....or for as long as I can keep this going, which may not be long if I have my way!

Good advice Suzanne! The first time I filled in the form in both our names and didn't find out till later they had rejected it as you need to fill in one form each. The second time I sent the forms, they got "lost in the post" was third time lucky!

I think you have to fill one in each too, it's important to declare as you get paid less back from your Dr Consulation fee if you haven't declared a traitant.

Oh and make sure you keep a photocopy - we've had to send my hubby's off twice!

Hi everyone

Thanks so much!! I knew you would have the answer.

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Hi Liz. He should have been sent the form, to select his "medecin traitant (spelling?). In any case, his local doctor should have the form. Mine did, because I made a mistake with the first form, and she completed a new one for me.