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Things are ‘hotting up’ in the Middle East and Japan!

glad someone is getting some sunshine… :upside_down_face:

Mmmmmmmmmm :roll_eyes:

:notes:"Always look on the bright side of life":notes:… and remember, Stella, he is not the Messiah, he (Bill) is just a very naughty boy…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t be Silly Peter :roll_eyes:

Any mention of Japan reminds me of this song…Human Error…

Apparently they are getting seriously ‘miffed’ about The Kurile Islands, they feel the Ruusians ‘nicked’ them after the 2nd War, one of which, I understand is only 5mls from Japan, so making the Japanese a bit nervous!

I remember Facebook banning the black and white photos of a naked youngster fleeing the nuclear bombs…We have to ask who is “miffed”…??? The everyday people of the country…or the purported leaders of the country/countries…??? Propaganda is rife…fake news is rife…my allegiance remains with humanity and all those in allegiance with humankind…I look at geopolitical maps and I see Russia surrounded by hostile military bases whilst they provide humanitarian corridors and air support to Syria…whilst also conscious of China and the one belt one road…China currently has dormitories of immigrants/refugees in Italy consisting mostly of children…slave Labour…handbags…so they can be labelled “made in the EU”…

OK! I was just stating, what I believe is currently, unsettlingly, going on. In a World, with too many leaders, with domestic problems, desperate for diversions, like Maggie was, Galtieri was a Godsend for Her too.

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Throughout time leaders with domestic problems have always used the threat of danger from “abroad” as a distraction from their ability to govern and provide a stable economy within or to recognise that their time is up.

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Thats how I see it, hence my post Jane :neutral_face:

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And it’s getting Dodgier Quickly I fear! Trumpy Dumpy.

Trump is digging a hole, and warning Putin, is He Mad? I suspect he is!

There’s nothing about his behaviour to suggest he is mad, in the usual meaning of the word. In popular vernacular, mad connotes total detachment from everyday reality. People who are mad usually can’t maintain normal conversation, often neglect their personal hygiene and other life-style routines, and they tend to shun social interaction. To call Trump mad is a serious disservice to people with serious mental illness.

Trump is sane in the psychiatric sense, but his personality and character are seriously flawed. The most appropriate label might be psychopath. Psychopaths are not mentally ill or mad but they are amoral, impulsive, unpredictable, and unfeeling. They are prone to seriously irresponsible, cruel and dangerous impulses with no heed to the consequences, and they aře àbnormally sensitive to challenge or criticism.

Psychopaths resist any kind of therapy or treatment. He strikes me as a classic example.


Forgive my ignorance Peter, but that all sounds like someone who is ‘not quite right in the heid’, i.e., mad! :wink:

Frankly, I agree with Bill… I would suggest that the word “mad” is quite the norm for the ordinary person to use when talking about Trump and anyone else whose behaviour seems so bizarre/inexplicable . :upside_down_face::zipper_mouth_face:


And that opinion might be perfectly OK if we were just tweeting about some crazy stunt down the road, Stella. With Trump we are looking at the distinct possibility of World War three. Like me, I expect you remember Khruschov’s sending missiles to Cuba, when the world had its heart in its mouth in deadly fear of nuclear war. Many wise commentators are drawing parallels with that 1960s brinkmanship, but much worse.

Bill, I take it that you have no concerns about there being a lunatic in the White House? appreciate a joke any day, but not on this issue.
I worry for children and grandchildren, not just mine or yours. Oh well, life is too short to be serious. That short life may not be yours or mine, and is not ours to trifle with, even on SFN.

It’s just semantics, mad, psychopathic, sociopathic- doesn’t really matter what label you put on him. He is a dangerous, power craving individual creating an even more dangerous world.


On the contrary Peter, very concerned, hence the post Matey :wink: