Does a dechetterie charge now?

My commune (Monts de Chalus) i now charging extra for more than 12 collections per annum. I have a some garden and building waste left over from last year - does anyone know if this will be charged for now? I have had to present my 'card' at the dechetterie in the past but only now has the new collection regime come into force.

It varies from commune to commune, Patrick, but the general rule, as David says, is that the dechetterie is free for people living in the commune (hence your card) unless you're a professional, in which case they can charge. If you want to dump in another commune's dechetterie then they can also charge you a fee. And yes, it does happen. I seem to recall someone posting on SFN about being charged because they wanted to use the neighbouring commune's dechetterie which was very much closer to home than the one in their commune.

Thanks David, that sounds like it will work out OK. If it is otherwise I'll find out with my en of year bil I guess.


I think you have to distinguish between collection and attendance at the déchetterie. Here in Gironde Pays Foyen we have gone over to being charged for collections of domestic waste by enlévement. We do not have a collection for green waste, prunings/garden waste etc except in neighbouring "towns" ie Pineuilh, Ste Foy la Grande etc We can dump as much stuff as we like at our local déchetterie but "commercial" vehicles are banned. So if we turned up with a 7.5tonne tipper truck we would be redirected to another "commercial" site but we could appear as many times as as thought appropriate with a 750kg trailer without charge. Nobody checks the number of times we appear as long as we have our carte. The main thing is that it is so easy to dispose of rubbish. The thing that annoys me is that some people are willing to spend petrol money to dump stuff in the countryside when it's so easy to use the dechetterie. Incidentally if you have building waste,old briques and tiles etc then very often the local maire is happy for you to dump it on local chemins forestières (but with his/her permission) as it makes access for the chassse easier.