Does anyone have a Citroën Bijou?

I’ve been asked if I can locate one in France (or nearby) … :thinking: for a Show…

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I should add… it is for a Show in Perigueux next February…:relaxed:

Maybe try any vintage car associations :thinking:

Cheers Ann… we are already in touch with Citroën as 2019 will be celebrating 100 years of Citroën cars…

This Forum is another avenue of enquiry…and I am asking my UK car pals as well. The Bijou is a rare car… :open_mouth:

Very rare, I see that only 211 were produced ! :open_mouth:
Found this but suppose you may have already seen …

Ha ha… well done Ann… I joined the UK Citroën club yesterday… and am working my way through all their bumpf… :relaxed: your link gives me an email address which may well make things easier…


One of those things that I just happened to stumble over Stella, it would be great if you could persuade Garry to bring his pride and joy over here. Good luck :grinning:

I know nothing about the Bijou but long, long ago we had a 1954 2CV with the same 425cc engine and trafficlutch.

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