Does anyone have information or experience - Holographic Will

Hello everyone

Following the demise of my lovely mum yesterday I am at present having to sort out various documents.

Two years ago she made a holographic will, the notaire said it didn’t need to be registered as copies cannot be made.

She opted for the Brussels 1V European directive 650/2012 English law for all her assests here and in the UK.

Has anyone else had cause to use this and what were the results please ?

It might already be on here somewhere but I am alreadey so distressed and don’t have the heart to go through all the posts. TIA x

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Cannot help with your question but I am so sorry to hear about your mum.


Sincere condolences Ann.


Condolences and lots of love, look after yourself.


Thank you Teresa


Thank you Lily


Merci Vero, C’est très difficile pour moi en ce moment :sob:


Ann, I’m going to change the title of your post to include the words holographic will so that the information you need is more obvious. Hope that’s OK?


Of course Mandy, thanks for your help xx


Bon courage - the formalities are quite daunting, but take them one by one and don’t get disheartened. I had to go through it all in November last


So sorry to hear about your mum Ann, sincere condolencies.


Thank you Phillip, yes it’s a bit overwheming at the moment.
I remember that you had to go through it all recently as did Mandy. Thank you for taking the time to reply


Thanks Mark, her going has left me devastated but she is now at peace.


Ann, can’t offer you any useful advice but please know that you’re in my thoughts. So very sad for your loss xxx


Thank you Sandy


Sorry to hear about your mum Ann. Hope you can find the information you need.


Hi Ann

Just spoken with a friend whose Mum died… mmm… must be 3 years now… time is flying…

Anyway her Mum had made a Holistic Will… hand-written in English… (so, on her death this Will needed to be translated by an official translator)… before handing to the Notaire…

The Brussels clause worked a treat.

I’ve just realized you are talking about Holographic, which is quite different… silly me.

What does the Notaire have to say on the subject ??? I’m presuming it is in English ??? so perhaps an official Translator will be needed at the viewing… ???


Me too, Ann. You made your Mum come alive for us with your loving, tender, daughterly anecdotes about your life together. Your devotion for each other and the warmth of your life together chez vous tells of how great a wrench it must be to lose her now.

Even if you’re not a ‘believer’ you will surely feel her great love for you still lingers in every corner of your home, and will invest everyone of your thoughts and acton as you go about your sorrowful duties for her now.

We shall also shadow your footsteps in the days weeks and months ahead, opinions and views falling away in a quiet ministry of consolation.

Peter xx


Thanks so much Stella, that is very useful information.

Mum’s will is in English and as the Notaire can understand English there may be no need for a translator (I hope).

I have an appointment on the 12th March so will know then whether it will be accepted, or not !

Until I receive an act of succession her accounts will remain blocked, although the bank has said I can give them all medical bills, transport bills, and funeral expenses and this will all be paid from her account

That’s a relief because as Mandy already pointed out the costs are quite high, couldn’t believe that TVA has to be paid on ‘essentials’ such as the coffin. No wonder funeral parlours are springing up around our region, it’s really big business for just the basic of services!


Thank you Peter for your kind words.

Mum is with me in spirit and is watching over me as I go about these tasks in a daze.

I find that talking aloud to her about some things helps too.

Once I have her home again on Tuesday and place her ashes in her favourite part of the garden I think that I will find some comfort…