Does Anyone Have Solar Panels Installed / Sell Electricity Back To EDF?

Interested to know if anyone here has had solar panels installed and/or is sleeping electricity back to EDF.

There’s a new grant scheme for low income households, but I’m rather concerned about the service lives of the panels and the inverter/s required.

I’m interested. Do you have a link @NotALot ?

I had EDF ENR around last week to make an assessment and give me a quote Guy. I’ve also looked at Ikea. but need to look again.

EDF was about 19K for 4 kW crête with a payback period of about seven years. An assessment on the IKEA installer’s website gave me a price of 10K for 4.6 kWc 0r 11K for 4.8 kWc with better panels that would improve overall performance. I don’t know if the IKEA system feeds back into the grid, so maybe a battery would be needed to get the best benefit.

I’m quite keen but have too much on at the moment to focus. Plus research leads me to believe panel efficiency could double (from 10ish to 20ish percent) in the not too distant future.

BTW, there seems to be an inverter per panel with the EDF installation.

If you are handy with tools, you can save a lot of money, but won’t be able to sell excess back to EDF. But it probably isn’t worthwhile.

Average panel is 18-22% now, lab results for the Oxford panels is 27%

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