Does anyone know a good rheumatologist in the Bordeaux area?

Hello all,

A friend has just heard that her daughter, currently on an exchange programme in Bordeaux (Pessac), has had an MRI scan which indicates possible ankylosing spondylitis.

She asked whether I knew of a rheumatologist in the area. I don’t. Can anyone help? We would be very grateful.


I suggest she gets a referral to this place I’ve been, they know their stuff! It’s right by the airport in Merignac

Many thanks, James! I will pass that on immediately.

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Specific diets may be worth exploring too. Removing Gluten, Casein and Lactose for a week could be worth a go, nothing to lose! Works for many other AI diseases.

Hi James, thanks, I know they are already very careful with diet as both mother and daughter are coeliacs.

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