Does anyone know about an empty stretch of the Canal du Midi near Castelnaudary and hundreds of dying fish?

I've been told that a stretch of the Canal du Midi has been emptied in the Aude and not refilled as promised. Apparently hundreds of fish are dying and the authorities are taking no interest.

Does anyone have any more information about this?

Thanks Sarah - when you head down this way I understand you will need plenty of time! the level crossings are all closed between Castel and Sagala.

It is the area where we moved the boats - and yes it will probably be empty by now for dredging. I can find out when it is due to be filled (as no doubt we will all head down to take the boats back to their usual moorings)

Thanks everyone - the message I received is that the Canal was supposed to be refilled and has not been.

Location information as follows:

The section of the canal is between the Mediteranean lock and the next lock in the direction of Castelnaudary. If one took the D6113 from Castelnaudary in the direction of Toulouse,there is a pottery called `Deco et Tendance`, which is just after a little road the D818,to the left,signed Mas-Saintes-Puelles ( and Ricaud to the right). Follow that road to a fourway stop,with a stone house `Le Ferratier`. Turn right,so the stone house is on one`s left.Follow that road to the a T junction and turn left.That will take you to the Mediterranean lock on the canal. There is also a pottery called `Pottery Not`,which is right at the lock,(landmark).

Hi Annette

I live about 20 minutes away from Castel and have several friends with boats on the canal. They do drain and dredge and this year are continuing on one stretch that they started last year. We have been helping friends to move their boats from their usual moorings. If this is the stretch to which you are referring its La Segala / Mas-Saintes-Puelles way. No idea if they do are cleaning other stretches at the same time but I can ask around and drop you a line if necessary


Annette, where exactly would you visit to check out your question, please? Mike in Dax.

I am back in DDA at moment but was told in October by the local wineshop owner (I was just passing by, not having wine at 7 am while watching rugby - honest :-) that they were going to close sections of the canal at Trebes from November 8 onwards to allow for dredging/cleaning. The impression I got was that they do this each year, closing off one section at a time (presumably lock to lock) then dredge that section before moving on to the next section. Apparently a very smelly but annual event. Does this sound like it could be what you had heard about