Does anyone know an effective replacement for Adobe Flash please?

I have been playing my word game Popword on East of the Web for eighteen years now and due to the demise of Adobe Flash I can no longer enjoy my daily fix.
We have looked at replacements for Adobe Flash, but they are not fast enough to play this game.
Help please.

Unfortunately Flash is inherently insecure which is why it is being “decommissioned” and withdrawn.

Guessing that you can’t persuade the author to re-write the game in Javascript/CSS/HTML5 (if the game is 18 years old just finding the author will be a challenge) I assume that by "tried alternatives you mean the ones listed at Open source alternatives to Flash Player |

If those don’t work you might be out of luck.

There doesn’t seem to be any way of contacting them.
It is a real blow to me. It was the best word game by far.

You don’t say which platform you are on but this reference might be helpful if you are using Firefox…

I remember reading about a Pepper flash extension for Chromium/Firefox a while ago. Not sure what happened to it though. Flash is dead, long live Flash!

Hi Jane, it’s really the responsibility of the website owner to keep their sites up to date and make sure the applications they have on there work with all the popular web browsers, Adobe Flash was discontinued due to constant security threats. I’m sure there are alternatives but it’s up to the website builder to implement them, I see that hasn’t been updated since 2018 so you would think that if enough people complain they will get around to fixing the problem and I notice that there is a contact form at the bottom of the page.

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