Does anyone know if Winalot still do their plain wholemal biscuits?

We would prefer our rescue collie to have plain wholemeal biscuit, but can only see Winalot shapes on their site.

Does anyone know of any other company doing such a biscuit meal?

They sound very much like the Friskies we have been using.

Our vet said that they are very addictive and dogs will not eat anything else.

We changed Lea’s food to some Pedigree Chum to find out and down it went.

She normally has turkey leg and veg with the Friskies.

I remember that the Winalot meal was just plain broken wholemeal biscuits and that seemed to be better in our thinking.

The Winalot site only seems to have fancy stuff now.

Hi Jane, I don't know if this might be what you're looking for, but have you tried the Purina DeliBakie biscuits - esp the heart shaped ones (the others shapes have intense flavours and in my opinion, are very strong smelling). The heart shaped biscuits are beef and chicken flavoured, but they look and smell pretty wholemealy - delicious enough to eat for us too ....... I haven't actually tried, yet. My dog loves them, so I put a heart on top of her food every meal time!