Does anyone know what this is for?

I purchased this item of kitchenalia at a vide grenier last weekend. To be honest I just picked it up because I thought it looked interesting and it happened to be alongside the vintage cherry stoner I was about to buy. I iniitally thought it was a burger press but on closer examination I don’t think it is because the screw runs through the middle. It is clearly a press of some kind (see the images) and I’m wondering if it is a cheese press… can anyone shed any light on this item. The only marking on it is AA or AS stamped on the handle (sorry impossible to say which it is).

it has a ring former and the image below shows the plates and screw mechanism. Over to you experts out there!

thanks I agree. Think I’ll have a go at making some goats cheese - I’ll let you know how I get on.

I would say that it’s for the cheese if you have seen one with a central hole in it - remember, cheese has to be pressed to harden it and remove excess whey

Hee hee - now I would need to know what you might intend to do with it…

photo doesn’t really show the scale. Its not big enough to be a tongue press, it is the size of a traditional style citrus press. Nice idea though

Thanks Helen, this would fit. There are a lot of apples grown in this region too and lots of dried fruit available. I was wondering if it could be for cheese because I saw goats cheeses with a central hole and the pressing plates are ridged and would give that patterned effect.

Can I borrow it :slight_smile:

It looks like a tongue press after you have cooked a cows tongue it is usually pressed

Might it be a pear or apple press? There is a delicacy on the Loire that is a dried apple or pear - I have seen them for sale in various places.
I have a foodie book on the Loire and they are in there too - I will look it up and get back to you

donut flattener perhaps?

It’s for squashing round things with a hole in the middle :smiley:

and there’s me thinking it is, in fact, something to do with cooking. I blame the proximity of that “cherry stoner” (at least I think that’s what it’s for…)

I think this should be posted in the bondage group :wink: