Does anyone understand this email about "assurance retraite"?

Received the following email this morning that purports to come from Ameli, which I don’t understand. I’ve checked on my ameli pages and can’t see anything. I’d be grateful if someone could explain it to me please.

Is it some kind of scam?

You can use a FranceConnect account to access your ameli account as well as your account with the impôts.

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If you want forward me the message (DM me for my email) and I’ll tell you if it looks genuine.

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france connect is an ID-proving facility. if you didn’t use it you are supposed to click where it says cliquez ici. Be very sure you’ve not tried to verify ID recently on something that might be using it before clicking to reject. I think I’d call the sending organisation on any number I have separately for them (do n’t just take any number in the email and dont click to contact in the email - find your route separately for contact - and try to sort it out

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Which would also be good bait for a scammer to lay. Some insight might be gained by hovering the mouse over the “cliquez ici” text and see where the link goes (but be aware there are ways to fake what shows up).

Seems to be something to do with this …

But quite frankly, why would I want yet another portal?

Thanks for your offer @anon88169868 I think it is bona fide, but I’m not going to use it.

I’ve also now found this …

Trouble is, nothing reassures when an email like this arrives out of the blue. I assume they mean well. :roll_eyes:

It’s the bog standard security email, i get them non stop as i use France connect for the kids’ school accounts, amongst other things, It’s just checking that it was you :wink:

Thanks Andrew. But why would they know it was me? I haven’t (so far as I’m aware) ever logged on to them. I’m now just confused.

And that’s why it is suspicious.

A scammer might use the valid template and change the “cliquez ici” link to a website which just looks convincingly enough like the original but harvests personal info, and then send it to lots of people, some of whom will think “that’s odd, I never logged into that, must tell them about it, oh look here’s a nice link…”

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Well somebody has used your France connect account to gain access to your retirement account… if it wasn’t you then you should click on the “cliquez ici” link. Have you asked about your French retirement allowances or would somebody be doing that for you?
!!! Sounds very odd if you don’t have an account, although you must have an account somewhere for them to have your contact email address. Before you click on the link, hold the cursor over their address to make sure it’s them and not somebody else sending you a virus loaded email link :wink:

Not if it’s a scammer - they send out 1000’s using lists of email addresses and work on the fact that the stars will align for some of their targets, they don’t care if the rest look at the email and say “ha, must be a scam - I don’t have an account there”.


agree if it’s come from anybody other than ameli or France connect - very easy to see where it’s come from, nearly all these scam emails have weird email addresses once you hold the cursor over the sender’s address (the email address usually bears no relation to the real one) :wink:

All my emails come from which isn’t quite the same as your non-French address…

Just to add that France connect links impôts, assurance maladie etc. so if you’re living here you exist for them via your tax return and your carte vitale :wink:

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Good site to scam then :slight_smile:


I have no idea what a “retirement account” is. Please can someone explain what they are. Thanks

Have you worked inn France?

One thing I noticed was this, as Sue pointed out the “from” address in her DM which is the plausible looking “”

Not being French resident1 I can’t say for sure but that looks at least a bit odd - it’s hosted by a company called Porkbun who are based out of the Pacific Northwest (Sherwood, Oregon) - most official French stuff uses French hosting & domain companies (normally government ones), not random US ones.

1] So I don't have an Ameli or FranceConnect account which might have generated genuine messages for reference.
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Well, well, well…

If you visit the first thing you see, highlighted, is this:

I think that probably nails Sue’s email as a scam one.

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Thanks Paul. I’ve sent you a DM.

No. Came here after I retired.