Does the British Embassy understand irony

Morning All

On getting back home I have spent a bit of time catching up on e-mails

Now, before Xmas I joined the Outreach meeting, and got involved in a slightly heated discussion on the lack of communication from the embassy. None of which was broadcast.

To my surprise I have received an e-mail form the Embassy, saying I have been awarded a

TOP FAN BADGE and have been awarded the status of MOST ENGAGED FOLLOWER

Really !



That is absolutely hilarious, Andy :rofl: Knowing the content of your exchanges, how on earth could they see you as a fan??? :rofl:

I would hope the embassy was the most engaged not a user. Perhaps they are listening to you, but I expect not.

Now I am hurt……had a non-heated but lengthy exchange re breaches of withdrawal agreement rights and what they were (weren’t) doing about it.
And I have had zip…. Not so much as a partially engaged badge, or lukewarm fan!!

So the maxim of he who shouts loudest is obviously right!


When I was pointed in the direction of the Embassy in Paris by the Overseas Department of Health in UK, they said that they did not deal with individual cases, despite it being a case that affected all S1 holders in France.
They were totally useless.

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I suspect someone in the Embassy is being sarky. :roll_eyes: :rofl:

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Second prize is a CDS.

They certainly did when I worked there, sometimes it was quite a hoot. :joy:

Lol… I mailed them some time ago when I was in a panic about my Carte de Sejour and received as a response some formulaic bullshit about how to contact a charity for retired servicemen (I am neither retired nor have I ever served in the armed forces).

It makes me wonder (again) why we tolerate our governments (British, French and, no doubt, others) continuing to tax us whilst failing to provide us with quality public services.

Dammit, where did I put my pitchfork…?

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I reckon you’ve won the Award for Most Enraged Follower… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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[quote=“andyw, post:1, topic:37966”]
[/quote] How childish! Why are they wasting their time like this?


Good question…