Dog adoption

Looking for a home for two sweet, small to medium rescue dogs who will be in foster with me as of next week. If anyone is interested in details of them please comment. Obviously don’t have to be rehomed together. I am located in the Limousin department 23 but happy for enquiries within 2 hours of eymoutiers, haute Vienne. Happy to discuss further and set up viewings. Full RBU, home check would be needed.


Hello Yvonne. What a super thing you are doing. Please do upload photos of your fosters. They are much more likely to be adopted. I saw a picture of Bertie through the bars of a rescue centre and immediately I fell in love. He’s been with us 11 years. :grin:

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Mind how you go, I am a failed fosterer par excellence, so often unable to resist saying ‘sorry, already taken’ when push came to shove. :wink: :rofl:

Do you have an approximation of breed until the photos come to light?

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Ok thanks. I didn’t realize I could put photos on. I couldn’t find a animal category was obviously looking wrong.

Sometimes you can simply drag and drop a photo from your computer into a reply box, like this:

but if that doesn’t work click the upward facing arrow in the top line of this box and do it from there. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, yes I am trying :smiley: not on my main computer swhich doesn’t help .

The photos look great - what mix are they? Do you know?

Hi sue,
Thankyou for your enquiry.
Not quite sure what breeds they are crossed with, definitely mixed breed, but I can certainly get some more photos and videos of them when they arrive to me next week. I can contact you again then if you like.

Forgive my ignorance, but what is a full RBU. I am actually looking for a rescue dog and just wondered what an RBU was.

Rescue back up. If something goes wrong the rescue is meant to help.

Thanks, I thought it may have been a bunch of documents to get stamped,our French cousins do like their paperwork.

Basically I would help and take the dog back if there was any issues whatsoever. As long as the adoption is not too far away from me. Thankyou xx

I would hope for something more concrete than ‘meant’ personally. My experience of foreign rescue organisations is extensive and, sadly, not good.

I was once booked to meet a van at Calais at 10am on a particular day. As was my usual method I travelled north the day before to overnight at a resto at Abbeville 75 minutes short of the rdv. Arrived and duly had a drink before dinner when a woman in the UK, not the Serbian drivers in the van, rang and said they are there already and I must go there immediately. I refused, of course, I don’t drink and drive and suggested if it was so easy, why don’t they come down here to me. Not possible. So they must wait there for me as arranged. Not possible. So I said they must leave the dog in a nearby kennels and give me the address. That is what they did, but what I found the next morning was a shivering little Spaniel dumped on a bare concrete floor in an outside barred kennel in winter. He jumped readily into my car but at the delivery point in the Charente it took a long time to get him to put away his teeth in refusing point blank to leave the warmth of the vehicle.

I refused further such meetings and instead a local woman was willing, at a cost, to meet these vans at whatever time they turned up and take the dogs back to her home, from where I collected them at 8am each time.

I really hope you have a better experience Yvonne, but where money is concerned, care often goes out of the window. I much preferred to deal with volunteers and genuine rescue associations.


I didn’t say meant by accident. But at the same time don’t want to tar all associations with the same brush… Many rescues do wonderful and vital work.

Find out as much as possible about the association and meet the prospective dog a few times is the lesson I have learned.

My problem has almost always been with the drivers of the vans, rather than the rescue associations importing the dogs. The case I related was rare in the sense that the organiser of the rescue, the woman in England, was as uncompromising as the normal run of drivers.

Genuine well organised rescue associations do do wonderful work. Which is the reason why I did continue to meet, albeit with reluctance, the Spanish ones which bring the Dobermann refugees from Spain. My friend and contact at PAD recently worked herself to a frazzle in trying to deal with a recent one. Diverted by the fires south of Bordeaux they persisted in refusing to say if their onward progression once back on track was north or east. All we knew was that their route took in Belgium and Germany, as well as rdvs in France. If they had given me that information I could have set off, willing to wait north of Bordeaux or east of Toulouse. In the event they got back on track and then demanded late at night that I meet them in an hour 2 hours away from here. Obviously impossible and, as a result, the poor dog had to travel 2,000 kms extra before being the last drop off south of Bordeaux on their way home.

Mary, the Presidente of PAD, was so concerned for my sanity as well as her own, that she managed to get fellow members in Bordeaux to meet the van and bring the dog half way to meet me. A lovely, active and friendly Braque/Dobermann X he continues to give great joy in his new home. :joy:


Hi David, sorry only just saw your message. I thought I get notifications via email but perhaps not.
Well I totally understand your frustrations and the ordeal you experienced. And I understand that these people are often hard to deal with. I am just a volunteer and the small voluntary group I work with really do work miracles. Transport itself is very difficult for any dog and it often is traumatic for them too. But to see them a few months in in their new homes, loving life and being totally spoilt is the icing on the cake for me. Especially since before then they were living a desperate life on the street. That is the reason I decided to foster these ones so that they come straight to me without the anxiety for a new owner to have to go through that part. Of transport. Would be very interested to know if you still transport dogs in France?

Due to a frightening midnight asthma attack in October 2019 I decided to finish all overnight journeys.

There were 2 exceptions, an already agreed transfer of a Belgian Shepherd from Paris to the Alps where I stayed overnight on Christmas Eve with the new owner, and another, postponed agreement to meet a Sicilian transporter (yes, I know, foolish) in Milan to bring back 2 street dogs to Perigueux.

In the event when I woke up an hour from the pickup point in the morning there was a text to say they had switched the rdv to Piacenza. at noon. When I got there I couldn’t park in the designated place, too little room, and sent a message saying I would be 200 metres away on a service road. They arrived, 2 hours late of course, and as I watched them drive into their chosen car park, received a call to tell me to go there. ‘No, you come here’, which they did, and the dogs were in the car and them away in 2 minutes flat. :roll_eyes:

The re-direction and rdv delay meant another night out on the road, 4 instead of 3. The only bright spot was the last resto in Italy in the company of 3 other French lorry drivers and a very good time was had by all. Even including me whacking my head trying to get a reluctant dog out of the car for a little walk and the resulting furore of sympathy, and treatment, in the bar at the blood streaming down my face, which I hadn’t noticed . :astonished: :rofl:

Then Covid intervened and then the worsening of my wife’s mental condition which meant that I couldn’t leave her for more than 2 hours because she would not remember where I was

So, finally (sorry) to answer your question, yes, I do, but only journeys which I can do in about 5 hours or so return from here in N. Dordogne, because I take my wife with me. :smiley:

Hello Yvonne. I suggest you remove your email from this open forum which is seen all round the world and which just invites spam.
If you want to have a private conversation with someone, just click on their icon which opens up a drop down box. In the top RH corner of the box is a blue rectangle. Click on that and it opens up a private message page where you can send them a message and they can reply to you and it does not appear on the open forum. Just a thought.

Hi SueOk sorry will do.

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No need for apologies - we’ve all done it. :grin: