Dog Boarding/Hotel in Lyon to Grenoble area

I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a dog boarding/hotel for my Golden Retriever when I am traveling. I would also be willing to have a dog sitter that would come to my house and dog sit while I am away. It was also obviously be helpful if they could speak some English. I live in the Grenoble area but would drive to Lyon or Geneva area if there was a good place there. Thank you! Much appreciated.

I use, they have people who take your pet as well as people who come to dogsit.

Try these people. We have used this for housesitters a number of times now and it has worked really well. We come home to a cared for house and happy happy pets...

I use a kennel in Les Echets/Miribel, just off the A46 (Lyon ring road) that also breeds German shepherds so they are used to large dogs. Never had any problems with them