Dog Breeder - Minature Poodle

Hi my wife and I are moving to the Charente in October and are looking to buy a dog - a miniature poodle or miniature poodle / schnauzer cross. Does anyone know of any such breeders in this region or beyond?
Thank you.

There are lots of dogs that need homes in the SPA and animal associations/ centres too that you could consider. Some even pedigree if that is important to you.
Maybe your poodle / schnauzer would like a companion?


Hi Tracey

Thank you for your response. We would absolutely give a home to an unwanted pet and we are not precious about it being pedigree. However we have a very small residence in France and could not (and don’t want to) accommodate a larger dog and I am afraid from what I have seen most dogs in homes tend to be of the larger breeds.