Dog found in uk, chip registered in france

A dog has been found in Barnsley in the UK. It has been taken to an animal shelter and the only information they can give is it is registered in France. He’s a black patterdale maybe aged 6 or 7. I’m not sure if anyone can help?

Hello Kelly,
If it’s been registered with ICAD (most likely) in France then this link may help you …

Once the tattoo number is known, contact the I-CAD identification service by phone at 0810 778 778 or by email at

Register your declaration on the sites or, space «I found»:
Select the animal species (dog, cat or ferret) and enter its identification number. By validating your declaration, you have the possibility to contact the owner by phone, sms or by mail if the latter has agreed to communicate its contact details to the public. Your ad will automatically appear on the wall of the found animals.

Another possibility is that maybe a vet will have better access to this site … it’s worth a try . Good luck !

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