Dog Kennel Near Castelnaudary

Does anyone know of a good dog kennel near Castelnaudary or alternatively between Castelnaudary and Ax Les Thermes via Foix?

If you do I would appreciate the heads up, we may have need of their services in the near future.

Thanks in advance.

Haven’t met Kim but I have met James and Ena so yes I can ask them what they think next time I see them. Thanks for that.

Ah, I know a few folks there - are you in Kim’s class? If so, she lives (almost-ish) next door to the kennels so can give you more info about the new owners and directions for when you visit. Also, James + Ena use the kennels too for their big dog so can let you know their opinions.

Hi Sharon, yes we are going to that so we should see you there. We are looking forward to meeting some new folk as well. We have started going to the AVF on Wednesday mornings in Castelnaudary and met a few people there. French as well as English so that we can practice conversational French with real people.

You’re welcome, hope it suits you?

We can maybe compare notes on 1st March, if you’re around for that? We’re looking forward to meeting some new folks at the apéro in Carcassonne.

Bonne chance!


Hi Sharon, many thanks, that is not too far from us at all. We will have a look at their website and then go and take a look to see what they are like. Much appreciated.


Hi Brian, have a look at La Bedouce near Mezerville (about 20 mins from Castelnaudary) - we’ve used it for our pooch. It’s been taken over in the last few months but the new folks seem to be doing a good job, from what I hear.