Dog Kennels in the South

Hi all,

Looking for a dog boarding kennels near to us in Revel… anything exist within an hour of us? We’re on the edge of the Tarn 81 and the Haute Garonne 31

merci, Teresa

Hi Teresa, there is La Bedouce kennels which is about 20 minutes outside Castelnaudary. You can find a link for their website on this Castelnaudary Local Business page.

We have used them a couple of times and our Labrador was very well cared for and came back none the worse for the experience. Also a bit closer to Revel, but they are out in the country a bit, so ask for directions to make sure you find them.


Hi Teresa

John here. Sorry, my fault the link didn’t work, it should have been

Good luck with the kennels, but we’ve been surprised over the years at how dogs (given an environment that, for some reason they’re comfortable with - and that includes other dogs and two-legged animals!) settle in unexpectedly well!

What we do in all cases is to suggest that the potential visitor meets our beast (Susi - who you’ve probably seen on the site) outside on a walk. Then - all being well - she (Susi!) invites them back home for a sniff, then we take it from there - or not! So far, we’ve never had a problem even with a previously aggressive dog.

Anyway, sorry about the misdirected link! Must correct that! And thanks for the heads-up about it.

Kind regards

John (& Julie & Susi)

thanks julie and john… i always post on a couple of groups - not all doggy people are in my area, and some people in the mp group might not be dog lovers but might know a kennels! anyway, (your link above doesn’t work?!)

i’ve seen your site before actually - looks really nice… great pictures of your guests… my rescue boy loves people but is truly dreadful with other dogs (and cats, rabbits, sheep, lizards… …) he’d make your dogs life a misery…

x teresa

Hi Teresa
Seems like there’s some duplication going on here!
Nevertheless, as I said in the “other” reply, please take a look at our web site and give Julie a ring on 0642 198 594 if you’d like further details.
We’re actually about 90 Km from Revel near Quillan.
Julie and John

Hi Teresa

I have a small but fully licenced and legal boarding kennel near Samatan, we're about 40 mins from Blagnac airport. The dogs are housed in kennels within our house so have 24 supervision. They all have a minimum of three walks a day. Let me know if you'd like any further details :)