Dog with bad arthritis

Hello to everyone…

I have a question about treatment for arthritis in dogs.

I have two beautiful 12 year old Golden Retrievers whom I love dearly and both have arthritis in their paws, necks, legs everywhere it seems but their hips (Thank God for small mercies!) One has been on Rimadyl for a few years and responds well but the second dog can’t tolerate it. Someone I know with dogs says he gives his a half an aspirin everyday and I wondered if anyone had tried this. In all honesty I’ll pay the vet if need be but I’d like to avoid that if there’s a cheaper alternative…

Has anyone any thoughts on this subject they would share?

Thanks for that information, Julie. I have a vet appointment tomorrow and was going to ask about the injections but with two arthritic dogs the cost is way off my budget more’s the pity.
I’d like to try the shark cartilege. Does anyone know if it’s on sale in France for dogs/humans? If so, what is its name?

Hi, I have a 13 year old labrador that has very bad arthritis & I use Flexi-joints which is glucosamine, chondrotin & vitamin C in tablet form, I also give her cod liver oil tablets & this seems to work for her I buy them from, but I have also bought them from health shops as you can use the same ones that humans have, it is just that the vetvits are sometimes cheaper & delivery is fairly quick. Also as I practice Reiki I do treat her with regular reiki sessions, which works extremely well on animals. I hope this helps.

A friend of ours in the UK had a dog with v bad arthritis. They started giving him shark cartilege and it really improved. Not saying he was running around like a puppy but he certainly went (over a few months) from limping slowly along to walking normally and even having the odd play with the other dogs in the park - which to me would indicate that any pain he’d been suffering was greatly reduced.

thanks, Jennifer. I do use Royal Canin as it happens though didn’t know about the glucosmine.

The vet tells me that for big dogs every day after ten years of age can be considered a bonus but I’d try to keep them with me forever…

Thanks for the advice everybody. I hadn’t thought of fishoils but I’ll try them. Both dogs have had glucosamine for a while now but while it helps the joints it doesn’t stop the pain…

Angela i used to get Seraquin from vet uk for a friend her vet in France prescribed it for her border collie but it was much cheaper from Vetuk.

Hi Angela,

I give my dog (Australian Blue Heeler) Glucosamine, the same tablets I take for myself, I have been told by a Doctor and Vet that it is the same for both but more effective in Dogs as they metabolise quicker and it does seems to work.