Doggy web site correction (with apologies!)

Hi everyone!

This is John - Julie’s husband - eating humble pie!

In responses to a few enquiries about Julie’s Dog Days service, I inadvertently (OK - carelessly!) posted an incorrect link which I won’t now repeat here for obvious reasons!

The correct link (honest!) is and Julie’s e-mail address is (yes, I have cross-checked that too). Her mobile is 0642 198 594

I’ll be taking the hair shirt off tonight, thank goodness. It really itches!

All the best to all doglet lovers out there


Hi John/Julie

I have used a similar dog holiday service in the UK and think it’s great… how do you keep the Labs out of the swimming pool?

But,I don’t mean to be critical, but you don’t say on the site where you are! Cos if you were near where we are going to be in Limousin, you’d definitely be ‘favourited’.