Dogs body clocks?

How good is your dogs body clock. I walk mine at 6 30 am and feed her at 7.30 every day she expects this, its routine. In the evening she gets walked at 6 ish and then fed when we get back at 7 ish. However my routine is different every day, somedays I dont work and am at home all day, other days I work all day and am back at 6 or I work part of the day.

Indy starts nagging me to go for a walk at 5 30 ish PM every day and just started me wondering is this normal for other dogs that don't have a routine in their owners lives? Or should I hide the clock because she can tell the time?

My dog starts harassing me in the afternoon around 3pm for his walk... if I have walked him earlier in the morning than normal, he usually starts harassing me earlier, not good when I'm trying to work. He doesn't tend to annoy me for his breakfast/dinner though, just walks.

Precisely the same. When our by then five year old GSD met the Collie Pointer cross we got as a tiny thing last summer he must have educated her to tell the time and know exactly where I am supposed to go because from the day she started to walk she had the time and exact route implanted firmly in her head. How am I so sure? Well, my daughter (for whom she was a 'present') walked her and they were several metres ahead of the other and I who only goes at his steady pace by my side and was not playing her game one bit! Since then she now ONLY walks beside him. I have always had dogs and am still always surprised by them.


Yes both my dogs can tell the time!!!. Whereever we are and whatever we are doing dead on the dot of 6pm two little faces appear wanting feeding. Even when the clocks change they still appear on the dot of 6. Its funny because our other dog (now sadly no longer with us) had what we call "an alarm stomach".

PS Great picture.... seem like 2 pretty laid back dogs... G.

I just love this reply... G.

HI John I have always believed that no routine is the best routine. That said I feed every night but not religiously at the same time, my dogs often have to fit in around hospital appointments and stuff so we all have to be flexible. Works for us, but you need to employ what works for you and get your dogs to join in. Gina.

I believe that some dogs are very cognizant of time. I worked from home and had a dog that would come to the bottom of the stairs and bark every day at 5pm to let me know it was quitting time. My current dog isn't quite so clear, he believes every time is his time!