Dogs that are good for allergies

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I’m new to the group.

We are thinking of getting a dog and my husband has some allergy problems so I was wondering if anyone knows of any good dogs for allergies. We have had a dog before and she was a Northern inuit and he wasn’t too bad with her.

Also does anyone know where I should look for our new family member??? We are in the Aude region in Conilhac Corbieres.

Any info greatly appreciated.



Hi, I am allergic to dogs, but only if I touch them and then touch my eyes, We got a dog 2 years ago despite this and my son is allergic too.Having tiling floors, no curtains and a leather sofa has helped and we are careful o wash hands etc, although both of us are now finding our allergy is greatly reduced. We have a Jack Russell.
When I was younger my friend had two poodles and I found I was REALLY allergic to these too, although they did go everywhere in the house so that did not help, I would always visit dosed up with zirtek!
I have read that it is the skin that is shed rather than the hair that some people are allergic to. I suppose the best way is just try, but I do hope you find one that is suitable.

Totally agree with you, Sandy. Poodles are highest on the list, even for people with asthma and they are super dogs, with lots of humour.

Hi Karen Can I put your Picture up for all to see in the Gallery ?? What a brilliant smiley face. Does she have as much energy as you obviously do…??? Gina

Sounds like a real result. Well done. Let us have a peep at the little darlings…we quite like cats as well you know. Gina x

I think poodles - I have a toy poodle -are good for allergies in that they dont shed hair. Someone told me that she had an aunt who had terrible allergies but poodles were OK - could be a shaggy dog tale however! Jennifer

HI Gillian


Rue Berriac
tel: 04 68 25 35 45

Website :
note this is a website put up by volunteers, I got both my dogs here they do terrific work.
Gina Hams

Hi Tema How sad that you are not able to enjoy the company of dogs. Do you have the same problem with other animals or is it just dogs ? G.

Hi Sandy Just noted the attachment. What a cracker the little poodle was. He doesn’t look blind, looks as bright as a button. I am getting further down the road with the dogs - little by little.
Jane actually got out a few days ago ( we still don’t know how ) and she was over the other side of the garden chatting to the chickens, Jim called her and she came straight back !!! So progress of sorts. They love your treats although I am a bit mean with them because I use them when we are out ( so easy to carry !!! )

Love to you and yours and ALL the dogs. How is it going with the project. ??

I have an update!! we got a Coton de Tulear and he is absolutely gorgeous. We’ve called him harvey and he’s fitted right in.
Matt doesn’t seem to be affected by him and he doesn’t shed any hair so it’s perfect.
The cat has eventually accepted him and we can relax now. He still lets Harvey know who’s boss and is constantly hissing at him but it’s a lot better than we when we brought Harvey home.
Anyway thanks so much everyone for all your advice and top tips.
I’ll post some photos on as soon as I can.
Thanks again.
Gill xxx

It is said that poodles are the only dogs for people with animal hair allergies - The only rescue I’m familiar with is one for Cavaliers King Charles Spaniels and they don’t shed much, my kids haven’t had allergies to them, I have 2 ckc - They have silky hair but are much smaller than inuit dogs - asenack is the association and will take the dog back if there is a problem- I got one of them just for that reason

Any cross with a poodle, we have a cockerpoo - Coco, she’s great, no shedding and as with the poodle part, no alergic reactions to anyone who is.

I have had allergies to cats and dogs all my life. The reality is that for some people (such as me) there is no such thing as a hypo-allergenic dog. I’ve been in homes (for a few minutes at a time) with a wide variety of supposedly hypoallergenic dogs and they all gave me asthma. So I would advise you to test whatever type you are thinking of getting and make sure he’s REALLY not allergic to it. Bear in mind too that allergies of this sort can grow worse with continued exposure.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Gorgeous! Love the photo and the hair do.

The kids always say that my ginger ish curly bits look like the leg hair on our elderly Breton spaniel. As he is quite ‘mangy’ this is not a complement!!

HI Gillian I found some old photos that were on the computer of Cleo and me. Quite a long time ago. Made me really laugh you know what they say about people looking like their dogs !!! G.

Ahh dear old Cleo. she was wonderful. G.

After having Shelties for years and loving them dearly, my wife, who has severe 365 days a year fur and feather allergies, read an advert in our (Dorset) paper which led us to a 6 month old standard poodle dog, dark brown with a wonderful nature. He is now 2 years old, tremendous fun, intelligent, doesn’t favour “one” but loves all members of the family equally, and apart from the inbuilt genes which lead him to want to chase all birds of any size, is gorgeous and totally hypoallergenic. Here in France he is admired and adored as a “Caniche Royale”. Your difficulty may be finding one. Try UK websites and anything which is from “Tiger Woods” (our dog’s sire) must be a winner! I agree they are not sissies…but you will need to invest in a quality electric trimmer!

HI Gillian. Poodles are definitely a really good dog if you have allergies. They have wool which means they need a fair bit of husbandry on a regular basis. AND they are also NOT sissy dogs. We had a standard brown poodle called Cleo and Jim who said you are not poncing that dog up!!!, had to admit she really was an outstanding doggie dog.

Best of luck with your search. I am sure someone will be nearer to you to advise you where to find the right dog. G.

Thanks Sandy,
Really appreciate your reply.
Gill x


My cousin’s children were allergic to dogs,but really missed having one, they were advised to get an Airedale, they arranged with a breeder to spend some time with the breed under controlled conditions in case the kids reacted badly, but in their case it was all fine.

good luck!!

Sandy Whitehead

Thanks Sandie,
Would you know how I could go about finding specific breads here in France? x