Doing charitable work in France

Before I came to live in France over 5 years ago, I volunteered on an occasional basis for two organisations that provided food and help for homeless people. I really enjoyed it, and it’s one of the few things I miss about not living in the UK. Now in the middle of the countryside (Normandy/Brittany border) I’m wishing I could find something along those lines to do. Does anyone know how I could find out what, if any, such volunteering activities might be available in my area? Or have any helpful suggestions?

I am sure there are many organisations, who will be only too pleased to have another volunteer.

Why not ask at your Mairie… they will have all the info…

Good idea - thanks, Stella.

Hi Harriet, I clicked on this hoping to find a suggestion or two for myself and noticed that you lived Normandy border and realised you know my sister in law Louise. That apart there is the croix rouge who are represented in most areas , les restaurants du cœur operates nationally, or perhaps there are refugees who need help in your area.

Hi Harriet,

Cancer Support France is a network of independent associations throughout France that provides support for English-speaking people of any nationality who have been touched by cancer. They are always ready to welcome new volunteers.

Check out our website here:

Thanks for this, Camilla. I will look into these.
I take it we are talking about Louise of Vic and Louise? If so I used to
see them quite often but haven’t done so for a couple of years.
I’d love to help refugees but I don’t think there are any round here.

Thanks for this, Rob. I will have a look.