Domestic Fioul

Can anyone give me a quick guide as to how much I should be paying for a litre of domestic fioul please? I'll be ordering about 600 to 800 litres.

I've looked on internet and the companies seem to be quite cagey about actually giving a price - understandable, obviously, but it doesn't really help me.

aïe aïe aïe, no it isn't, sounds like you should have shopped around a bit, latest is quoting 92 cts in your area :-(

Wow! we have just paid 1.38 per litre!!! Perhaps it more expensiv in Normandie..............

sounds like a nice little earner for the company concerned! Best deals are with grouped orders if you can find one near by. We didn't, we usually just try and play the market a bit and order once the price has dropped but it's far from being an exact science!

Thanks very much. My mum got herself locked into a contract where she paid a private company an amount per month and they fixed the price of the fioul. As I'm sorting out her finances, I've managed to get her out of that and we are putting the same amount per month into her savings account in order to order the fioul direct. I figured that if the company went bust, she would have a difficult time sorting herself out.

On top of that, the latest price they were charging her was well over €1/litre

Click on the 92cts link, it'll take you to one site, the 92 cts actually came from another, I just googled prix de fioul and got a whole load up ;-)

Thanks Andrew. Bit less than I was thinking so that is good news. What site are you looking on please?

They're a bit cagey because the price varies from dy to day Nick, I think we paid about 82cts a litre last autumn when it was cheaper, just had a lok and the average seems to be around 92 cts at the moment and on the way down if you can wait ;-)