Domestic water supply from a well - pump behaviour

I hope someone can advise what to do regarding a change that’s happening with our water system. We have lived here, in a town, for 8 months and the house’s water supply is pumped from our well into a 300litre pressurised vessel. As water is used, the pump refreshes the vessel from 2bar up to 3bar.
It now seems, with much the same water usage as always, that the pump is refreshing more frequently than it did.
I guess the vessel contains air at the top and I’m wondering whether this air volume is decreasing, thus reducing the amount of water needed to trigger a recharge.
Can anyone advise, please

As the pump is triggered to maintain a specific pressure, if the pump’s being triggered when you aren’t consciously using water, the question needs to be where is the pressure being lost? If the ‘pump on’ frequency has increased alot, without your usage increasing, it could be a small leak in the system??

Thanks for replying.
I don’t think it’s a leak … weeks ago I would hear the pump come on maybe every three or four flushes of the toilet, but now more like every other flush. A lot of the pipework between the vessel and toilets, sinks … is underground, so a leak won’t easily be found.
But …tonight I’ll make the pump come on and pressurise the vessel to 3bar, then closely read the pressure gauge and look again in the morning, with no deliberate usage overnight. That would reveal a leak.
Thanks for promoting an idea.

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It sounds like a ‘problem’ that occasionally hits our set up. Re pressurising/filling the air in the tank is the answer.


Often a schrader type valve same as a car tyre so you need to take a pressure reading and adjust accordingly. Sometimes the diaphram inside can split or pinhole.

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No diaphragm. This is a 300litre pressure vessel.

I had a similar experience using water from a well (had it tested and it was better than town water !). I found that the rubber inner bag of the tank had split leaving a fissure of 10cms just below the top waterline.
Replacing the inner bag took me half a day. The bag was ordered from a local plumbing supplier and took a week to arrive.
After fitting the new bag, remember to pressurise the tank again (I think it was only 3psi) to stop the bag chafing and splitting again.

Good luck.

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I think you are absolutely right. I have the same system and it needs to be primed/bled every six months or so. I notice when the pump is activated more often than usual. Your plumber should be able to help you with this, but with me I need to turn off the tap valve to the central heating and hot water cylinder - after switching off the pump - there is then a valve I open which releases the water to the drain outside. After it has nearly emptied and the pressure is nearly a trickle there is another valve I have to open on the pressurised cylinder which results in a big gush outside and I then have to wait some 30 minutes for the cylinder to empty completely. Once it has finished I have to reverse the procedure, turning the 3 valves back on and then reactivating the pump which will take several minutes to refill the tank and to build up pressure. When the tank needs bleeding I reckon it is 3/4 full of water whereas after it is emptied it is about half full with the rest being compressed air and rather than activating every 10 seconds or so with a gushing tap open it goes to nearer 20 seconds. You will be surprised how cold the tank feels where it has filled with water and how hot the compressed air is at the top! Good luck.

Thanks so much, Robertcha. Perfect. PM sent.