Donald J. Trump "in my great and unmatched wisdom"

Any other poor, sick animal would be humanely destroyed…
he must surely qualify, by now.

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Trump followers love that stuff. Its the display/decoy/threaten behaviour, demonstrated by male primates.
Silverback gorillas, chest beating. Keeps competition at bay, and the ladies fixated/impressed.
Does he care that half the planet thinks he is a lunatic? Look at the publicity he is getting with all his self-adulation. And then look to see how many more anti pollution or support healthcare programmes he has written off, while everyone is distracted. Don’t be distracted.
Trump, hustler, showman, friend of mafia?


son of Satan himself :imp:

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@graham "son of Satan himself "

Don’t know about that! Mafia connections are on record! I’m not enthusiastic to give him any more notoriety/dark powers, than he claims for himself.
Just have to hope USA does better in the next election.
Boris being best mates with him is the worst of it.


Not to mention Führer Farridge :frowning_face:


His skool played against my skool …a hockey match …maybe he was still in nappies then, but its good thing we can keep tabs on these blokes via the www now,

More like parody of himself.

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I think its calculated.

However, a disinfectant injection could cure a proclivity to talk unscientific rubbish - in minutes!