Donating to Croix Rouge - Ukraine

Just made a donation to Croix Rouge. Apparently you can declare this on your tax return & 75% of your donation is deducted from your tax payable. Our income is not sufficient to pay tax , so how does this work in our case ?

Unfortunately it doesn’t get you a crédit impôt. Charitable donations just give you a tax reduction, so if you don’t pay then you don’t get anything. This is not like things like CESU credit impôts where if you don’t pay tax you get money reimbursed.

Our local supermarket is adding a euro donation to every bill for this.

So if I give €100 I get €75 back in tax? That’s very generious. I guess it would be next year’s declaration.

Yes, you get a reduction in your tax, up to I think 20% of your total tax or €1000 (extra can be carried forward) Humanitarian charities 75% (box 7UD on taxform,) and others 50%.

(If you have given too much to humanitarian charities the extra will get the 50% reduction.)

It used to be that you could offset all your tax, which made me happy…