We are thinking of having a couple of Donkeys but not found any rescue groups any help would be appreciated

I know of 2 donkeys looking for a good home. Email if interested.

Donkeys MUST NOT be kept alone, IMHO 2 donkeys is a minimum, of course they are sometimes kept with sheep but its not the same or as nice for them.

I have 5 donkeys, all rescue, but they found me. Equine Rescue France often have donkeys for adoption. Wherever they come from, I would imagine, like horses, they will cost a min. of 2- 300 euros each.

I will listen out for you as I often get offered more donkeys. Beacause I have rescued so many animals people think I am a sanctuary, which it feels like sometimes only without the donations!!!

Good luck anyway, they are beautiful creatures, full of character.

We have found a Donkey rescue in the Tarn et Garonne went to have a look we now have to decide if we have enough land if not source more and locate forage and farrier in our area

There is also “Equine rescue france” I’ve just been looking on their website and they have several donkeys in need of a good home

A horse two cats and a dog but no donkeys,not yet anyway…
I agree with you both it would be better to have two donkeys. One donkey would be lonely and lonely donkeys make a lot of noise…

You should keep two donkeys, they need company.


Have you tried ADADA association nationle des amis des anes

66 rue de lyon

63600 Ambert

04 73 82 49 06

It’s a rescue group for donkeys.There is a web site,just google ADADA and you should find it