Don't shop, adopt!

Hi everyone. I am a volunteer at a dog and cat rescue in Carcassonne…we have over 130 dogs of all sizes, breeds and ages awaiting loving homes. We rehome our dogs all over France, and abroad.

I recently started a blog over on the ‘blogs’ page…it is entitled ‘Dog Rescue Carcassonne- Finding loving homes for abandoned dogs’. It includes a news roundup, a dog of the week, and any urgent appeals we might have. Please take a look.

You can view all our dogs on our English website:, Or on our Facebook page (version Francais)

I have attached a couple of photos of some of our lovely dogs: a X Flatcoat puppy named Dylan, a Labrador named Prosper, and a Briard X named Galileo

The Flatcoat puppy was adopted yesterday. Hooray!

Just a few of our beautiful dogs!

Dylan- a X Flatcoat Retriever. OK other dogs and cats.

Galileo- A X Briard. Ok other dogs and cats!

Hood- A Dalmation X Border Collie! OK other dogs

Bond- a Beagle X. OK other dogs.

Pocahontas- A X Berger Fauve Charbonne. OK other dogs, not OK cats.

Carlo- Berger X Griffon. Super affectionate. Not OK other dogs or cats sadly.

This is Prosper. Brought into the refuge by his owners who had used a collar with metal spikes on the INSIDE…it is torture, plain an simple. The vet stitched him up…and look at him now! Stunning. He is fine with other dogs and cats.

Good luck to you as well…you do fabulous work!

Thanks for the tip!

I am so in favour of this. I can't believe that people still buy dogs when there are so many gorgeous, but sad, unwanted animals just waiting in the shelters, to give all the love and loyalty they' can muster, in return for a loving home.
It breaks my heart, the sheer number of beautiful, healthy animals that are destroyed every day just because the puppy farms and breeders are out of control.
I have three dogs - All rescued. I give them love and care and they return it ten-fold. You can't ask more than that!

Domesticated abandonned dogs and cats were all once someone's family pet, mostly discarded with the rubbish because the owner couldn't be bothered to sterilise their animal, or protect it by identification.

Recsue animals make the best pets!! Very best of luck Rebecca.

Also Rebecca - if you post the pictures on the page rather than attach them, you will get a better response. The flatcoat puppy looks gorgeous...!

We have fostered two dogs for the SPA in Carcassonne…one of which we adopted. There are dogs who arrive at the refuge in sorry states, they need a bit of TLC being being able to go into the refuge kennels etc…this is where fostering can really help out. we also have some dogs with serious illness…i.e cancer…and it would be nice for them to spend their final days in a loving home…

Absolutely. I'm totally with you on that. I also try to 'push' fostering a little bit. Sometimes people aren't aware this is an option - a sort of "try before you buy" in case they're not sure a dog would fit into their family/lifestyle/budget. I wrote this a little while ago but please feel free to add to it, write your own, throw it in the litter tray, whatever takes your fancy really if you think anything's missing.

Thank you for the link…just trying to raise awareness :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca, we love encouraging people to go into their local refuge before going anywhere else. There are so many unloved pets it's horrific.

We also have a Pet Rescue group for those looking to adopt, find advice. It might be useful if you post in there as well. Here's the link.

Good luck with your rehomings.


Additional pics!