At Leroy Merlin:

Luxens paint, Brun Taupe No.3, 2.5l = 14.35€ per litre in France

Luxens paint, marrón de color topo, 2.5l = 4.95€ per litre in Spain

Same colour, same packaging design, only the language has been changed.

2.5 ltr Crown interior satin paint 35€ have tried all the cheap paints brought B&Q paint after and 5 coats to cover a wall realised its not always the most economical to buy

Bricodepot = Castorama = B & Q. All owned by the Kingfisher Group.

I was just in the UK. I bought 10 litres of high quality exterior gloss, 5 litres of acrylic floor varnish, 5 litres of acrylic primer undercoat and 5 litres of acrylic white satin top coat. It all came to £210 inc all taxes. No comparison with here. Someone is making a fool of us all.

Look at Monto paints in Spain (site in English ), they are about the biggest manufacturer of good quality paints there. To find places that sell them search using comprar pinturas monto, add online to that if you want a direct supply or online supplier who will deliver to France. I bought some in Tindu Margoak, which is right in the middle of Tolosa, and had a look in Pinturas Esquiroz which is on the ring road at the bottom of Pamplona. Both places sell plenty of other paint as well. Unsurprisingly you'll find loads of them you know from France at prices to make you cry. I bought wood stains for under 25% of French prices four years ago, guess it must all be similar now.

Also, try Bricodepot Spain, ironically much cheaper than here for identical products. I have forgotten where I went into one of their places though...

The cans look thesame. Castoramo = B & Q and the colurs range s the same paint but cheaper in the UK.

I've been looking in to this because my step son and his wife are visiting us from Madrid this weekend. We'll also be getting cheaper olive oil as well. We are 30kms from the border via the Pyrenees but it's still not very economical to make the trip unless we decide to go to Artouste for a trip out. I know James gets all his building materials from Spain. I also know it's wrong to compare prices but when Luxens paint is made in Germany and we are nearer.........

Can of worms = 23€/kg France

Can of worms = 5.25€/kg Spain

Anyone got a Spanish paint supplier online? That price Neil...sounds excellent...if its really as good quality...Leroy' s thick and rich enough to be watered down...same name....definitely same company?
I'll google everything...I suppose there are cheap flights to Spain...if there's no way to get the stuff delivered?

Well I know where I'm going for my paint next time then. Had always considered UK to be cheaper for good quality paints, but I think quick jaunt to Spain is in order.

Your re-opening an old can of worms here! I fully agree with how you are thinking mind.