Don't understand Giff-gaff points message

Just received an email from Giffgaff about my “points” and I’ve no idea what they are, why I seem to have 500 and what the message means.
Can anyone who has got giffgaff explain this to me please? Thanks Sue

Yep, have a look here:

Briefly because they don’t have call centres they rely on people answering tech support questions online. People who answer a lot of support queries can earn rewards and then, twice a year, they convert the points into pounds that you can either use to offset your bill, receive cash back to your PayPal account or make a donation to charity.

Have you recommended to anyone that they join GiffGaff and they used your number as a referral? That might explain the fiver you’ve accrued.

Thanks Gareth.
So far as I know, I’ve not done anything - initial joining offer maybe? So this is real money is it? I never use them except to send a text a month if I remember. I only have it in case any bank / credit card wants to SMS me from the UK.

Just checked - helping other members apparently! Maybe I posted something saying how easy it was to join. I’d forgotten all of this. :slight_smile:


Hi, yes you get points for posting on the giffgaff community! Well done you, for helping :slight_smile:

It’s real money in the sense that it is added to your balance - though there is the option to give it to a charity when you get the ‘how would you like your payback’ e-mail.

I recall if it’s over a certain amount you might be able to get it as cash - maybe 10 quid?

I also recall you have to make a transaction every 6 months to keep the number and your balance, so sent a text (you will get an email a month / couple of weeks before this). That’s where your ‘payback’ will come in handy.

you could also call an 0800 number if you didn’t want to pay for a text - you’d have to be in the UK when calling though for it to be free (of course).

And one caution - I requested a login code when in France (on my Giffgaff number) and it hadn’t arrived - I made an 0800 call (forgot I’d be charged) and then all the requested codes came in, it was like the number had ‘blocked’. Weird.

Anyway, one again, welcome to Giffgaff!

PS presume no chance of any payback points from SF Haha…

Just likes :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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