Dordogne area

Hi, we are thinking of moving to France. Any advice would be gratefully received. We would love to meet up with anyone for a natter when we come over in January for our second look around. Also any recommendations on where to stay.
Many thanks

Tell us about yourselves.
Where will you live?
Will you be working?0

Hello Barbara
Initially it will be my husband & I and our 26yr old son. Our 28yr old daughter, son in law & 2 small children will follow us soon after. Yes, we all plan to work in one form or another…we all have our own skills. We plan to rent initially to ensure we move to allow us time to find the right properties & area but at the moment are looking around in the Dordogne…preferably in the South. We are hoping for a more relaxed lifestyle allowing us all a better social life…at present life is hectic in the UK.

Well our region seems to be doing well. New shoots pop up all the time.
But, of course it is not easy. What is just now.
Be careful with rental contracts.
And when I talk about my region I am focusing on the main wine regions
of Libourne, St Emilion, and venturing around the edges of St Foy La Grande
and then around Monbazilliac.
If you are self motivated people and are ready to thing outside the square and work
very hard…it could work well for you.

Think about living in or on the edge of a town if you can rather than in the sticks because it is much easier for everyone and especially for your grandchildren if you are in town and their parents aren’t having to spend their lives taxi-driving.

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If you want to rent we have a 4 bedroom barn. We are situated in the countryside between Sarlat & Gourdon. We can also help if required with information & contacts to assist your property search. You can see details of the property with photos on & e-mail us on for any other information.

Best wishes
Bob & Megan McNeil