Dottie and crew

Tuesday evening a young heavily pregnant,female cat who we've called Dottie, was bought to our Rescue Centre after it was found that the owners had moved away, leaving her behind!

Wednesday morning and she'd already given birth to 4 adorable kittens.

All will be ready for adoption around 11th June, mum will be neutered and all will be chipped and vaccinated before leaving us.

How cute are these - photo taken literally just after birth, watch this space for more updates on their progress, too!

Hi Lulu, thanks for your comments.

Dottie found a home a couple of weeks ago, as did Wallis and Duffy. We still have Scottie and Lizzie - both now neutered too and being rascals as only kittens can be!! Lizzie is quite stunning with her gorgeous colours and would make a lovely portrait study, I'm sure!

How adorable! I think if I brought another pet home, my husband might kill me! I hope you found lovely homes for them all! I specialise in wildlife and pet portraiture so have a real soft spot for these creatures!!!

Dottie and kittens, who are now five weeks old and really showing their true colours - little rascals!!

They have all been named (in a fashion) after our fabulous volunteers who have been so excellent in their care!

Here is Duffy -

and Lizzie


ans Scottie - and, of course, mum couldn't resist trying the basket out for herself!!

Gorgeous as ever - Dottie!!

Quel beau

They are all so cute, at 3 weeks, they are starting to play and interact with each other and us giants (humans) it is incredible to watch them, and mum is as great as ever, in fact super mum is so cuddly, calm and adorable, the kittens will be just the same!

Here are Dottie and crew at 2 weeks.

they are beginning to move around a little, and their eyes are open. Mum is doing so well and is such a soft cuddly thing herself, that I'm sure that her kittens will be the same!

Our next step will be naming them - any suggestions?

Elle est super Christine, merci.

En ce moment nous avons au moins une appel par jour pour aider les chattes avec leurs petits, soit abandonnées, soit de leur propriétaires!

On fait ce qu'on peu!

Oui, Dottie a l'air d'être une très bonne mère ! Elle est pourtant si jeune... Ces 4 petites merveilles ont-elles déjà un nom ? Je trouve que ce doit être une expérience formidable d'adopter à l'avance such a baby et de le voir grandir presqu'en direct jusqu'au moment où on peut venir le chercher pour l'amener "à la maison" ! Merci Lynn pour cet autre sauvetage et pour ces magnifiques photos...

Dottie is such a good mum, here they are just one week old and growing like mad!

Are sooo gorgeous, hope Mummy is doing good too x

Beautiful, tiny, precious, innocent darlings. Thank you for sharing this photo.

Here they are 3 days old

Thanks carolyn, Boxers are great with kittens - see the photo on cat chat of Pippa and her new friend!

Best idea I've heard for a long time, Melissa, when can we start?

Acording to our vet, the 2 black ones are boys (and must be well endowed!!) the 2 tabbies, probably girls but we'll reserve judgement for a while.

The owners should be castrated, micro-chipped and vaccinated against taking on any more animals. Being abandonned by them (and coming to you) was Dottie's best piece of luck yet.

Look at those tiny angels, on my. I've never seen such little ones.

So beautiful, she looks just like my baby cat, who we found as a ferrel kitten 8 years ago, howcan people be so cruel and leave them behind, makes my blood boil, hope they all find loving homes, would love to have one but dont think our 2 Boxers would be very happy x

PS, Mum - Dottie, is only 8 months old herself!