Double-check your masterpieces - would you sell?

I’ve got a couple of old “oils” but sadly only on cardboard not on poplar… :roll_eyes: ah well…

I wonder if my original of a lady looking out to sea (the one mum, without her glasses on, thought was a heron) will be worth something one day ? :wink:

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It’s the fun of not-knowing of having the vague possibility of finding something “worth millions”… then, the tug of war… to sell or not to sell. I used to enjoy Antiques Roadshow… and would be so excited for folk who discovered a treasure had been hiding in their home…

In one way… I am delighted that my beloved “heirlooms” are not worth anything… their sentimental value is priceless to me… and I will never be tempted to sell… (if times get really hard, they would probably work well as firelighters… but that would be an extreme situation)… :rofl:

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