Double Cream

Can anyone tell me what one uses in place of Double Cream here in France?

Never seen their crème douce - must look out for it in our Carrefour in Siorac or St Cyprien. Their yogurts are delicious !

Always struck me as odd that you can buy fresh cream and milk in other european countries but not here in France

Thank you Carol. Will pay them a visit.

A Little of what you fancy does you the world of good.

Especially if you create a dish...LET us say meringue ...PAVLOVA....summer berries and cream

and then share this with friends.

It has a third less fat Tracy and is made up of buttermilk and vegetable oil...supposed to be quite healthy...

I seem to think Elmlea is super low-fat - can't really qualify as cream. The best cream in the UK has to be clotted cream but a full fat, bio creme fraiche is a pretty good substitute.

They have a good distribution circuit - you can get their yoghurt & creme douce in Paris (at least in the Grande Epicerie du Bon Marché ;-) )

Huh! I must have been unlucky the past couple of times they just had pseudo-cream called elmlea not proper cream.

54 Rue de of the roads leading down from the Boulevard to the main will find most things...and they are keen to order what you might like.

Auchan sell it. Thanks for reminding me Nick. I have promised youngest a cheese cake for her birthday next week and Crème D'Isigny worked very well before.

sound gorgeous Nick...but have never seen it just a local thing?

Yeah, got that too - defintely an age thing as all my mates are the same (age and condition)

Creme Cru(?e) is an excellent substitute, obtainable in most supermarkets.

not forgetting pre-cholesterol...

cream douce epoisse.

From Dordogne

Just like a thick double cream.

I'd forgotten Crème Fraiche D'Isigny, I meant to mention it. Delicious, and excellent in ice cream or "cream" desserts

Has anyone ever used greuil ? It's curd cheese really that we can buy here in 64. With a smidge of icing sugar it's good to go as a thick cream. Also makes a good quiche

Crème Fraiche D'Isigny without a doubt. Normally comes in a glass jar (like a honey jar) with screw top. Lovely... making me drool thinking about it.

I use creme fraiche with just a touch of icing suar if needed............scones home made raspberry jam( nicer than strawberry) and creme fraiche....................!!!!!I feel a baking session comng on.

Ah, memories of pre-Diabetes days! Along with many other things, but with a little suspension of belief I can settle on Fromage Blanc.