Double cream


I am hoping that you might be able to give me some advice.

Can anyone tell me what cream I can buy instead of double cream for making cheesecakes etc. I have been unable to buy any and have been told that in France it is not made.

Your help would be appreciated.

Its called 'Fixe Chantilly', found in the baking section.

And if you fancy clotted cream, go for fresh top quality creme fraiche from the market, it's nothing like the stuff you buy in the supermarkets.

All créme chantilly is créme epaisse whipped with the addition of sugar and vanilla see

omit the sugar and vanilla and you have simple whipped cream. A mechanical whisk and very cold cream is what you need.

Hi Sonia, you can get cream with more than 15% fat and whip it up. It takes a while but does work. It doesn't taste the same unfortunately. Also there is a powder product you can buy in the supermarket that you add to cream that allows it to be whipped. This tastes a little like Chantilly so not that great. Otherwise you have to use Creme Fraiche and add a little more sugar to counteract the acidity. Good luck.

Thank you very much. Just the help I was looking for.

Elle et Vire do a crème épaisse entière which is a sweet cream very similar to English double cream. Available in handy pochettes rather than pots.Personally I find crème fraiche épaisse which to the English taste is a little more acidic fits very well with an English style baked cheese cake and is very pleasant in an American style cake as it cuts the sweetness. Both products available country wide in your local super.

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