Double Knit Yarn

For a project we are working on together I have been asked by a friend to look out for double knit yarn if it comes up cheap anywhere. So the question is what am I looking for in French, I don't suppose there is any chance that it will be marked DK I see that carrefour market has some pelotes of yarn150g that looks thickish in their catalogue for 3€50 how will I work out the Ply / thickness as I am a sewer not really a knitter. Thanks

Thank you for that I will send the link to the knitting half of this project.

These people ICE YARNS have excellent offers - I think its the same place as the FASCINATING YARNS the other ladies are talking about.

They have weekly promotions and the wool is a giveaway price - even when you factor in the delivery.

Either way, it will serve as a comparison for you.

I have noticed that so many (online, free) patterns have yardage now. The yarn I have bought here (LIDL) also has the yardage on there, so it's then pretty much a matter of organising your needle tension.

If your pattern (paper I assume) has no yardage, then it is problematic.

FYI the free pattern sites also have "re-written" patterns to incorporate the yardage - I guess due to the huge variance in types of yarn

That's good to know for the price , thanks.

What we are working on is that I sew for a living and make children's reversible clothes . I was moaning about the lack of choice for small boys and wishing that I could knit nice sleeveless jumpers fast (I could probably knit one a year at the rate I knit!!) to compliment items I could sew, when my mad friend who does knit offered to knit some.

I will be making shirts , trousers and roll neck tops to go with the pullovers. We are trying to coordinate colours and sizes to have full outfits to go on the stall. When we get all the elements together I will have photos.

My next challenge is to remember where I hid that pattern for a boys shirt with the collar included on the front not a separate collar and stand! If only I was organised , I know I had it when my 21 year old was about 6 it can't have moved far since then can it?

I popped into carrefour market in condom yesterday and had a look at the pelotes. They were marked for needle size as you said and 4 was one of the numbers. Most of the colours didn't suit what we are working on but I got 3 as they are 150g for 3€ not sure if that's a good price or not? I will post them off to her in the Uk today. She can get yarn in the Uk obviously but as this is a joint project I was trying to do my bit from this side of the manche.

I will keep looking for the right colours at the right price. Thank you both for your advice

French wool has the needle size on the ball bands, so just look at your pattern and then you can find the appropriate yarn. these are classed as DK

Have a look at - they have categories for various thicknesses of wool