Drain debris

I’ve just cleared out the interceptors of our drains, thankfully before the really hot weather started. A new experience, as, in England, the septic tank chap used to do them when he visited. I now have a dustbin full of drain grease. How do I get rid of it?

Take the dustbin to the dechetterie?

No idea what to do with the stuff, but there is a good case for not putting oil and fat down the drain.
Back in the UK, in the good old days, you could get a man to come and unblock a drain for free.
When I had a problem, the man explained that washing powders and fat are a deadly combination and demonstrated by pulling out a metre long white plug that had grown over time until it totally blocked the pipe.
Nowadays, it is thought sensible to cook with minimum amounts of fat and it is easy to wipe a frying with paper towel before washing it.
But the question you need to ask yourself is, if you have a dustbin full of grease in your drains, how much ended up in your body?
Maybe time for a change of diet?

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Hi Franz

I think there will be a special place at the Decheterie… where they accept such stuff. I know OH takes used car oil… and suchlike…

Worth you asking them before turning up with your dustbin, though…

@Mike_Kearney Interesting memory from UK…
I had no idea that grease + washing powder was a “dastardly duo”.

Hopefully grease + washing up liquid is a suitable combination… since I always send hot water and washing up liquid down the sink, to chase the excess olive oil from my pans…
(I’ve no intention of changing my diet… :roll_eyes: :flushed: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:)
:hugs: :hugs:

We keep an empty coffee jar by the stove and just pour any excess cooking fat from the pan into that. When full, it just goes with the rest of the Ordures Menagers.

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A while ago when having an inspection by SPANC they advised that the after removing the accumulated fat from the grease trap it was perfectly acceptable to distribute it on the garden to dry and then dig it in, if the wildlife hadn’t already devoured it.

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Now that is interesting !!.. all in favour of something like this… :relaxed: :relaxed:

As a matter of interest… how often is it advisable to empty the grease trap??

anyone any idea ???

Annually according to our SPANC inspector.
Despite what some might think it isn’t a smelly operation. I use an old saucepan with holes drilled in the bottom and use it as a ladle. Break through the crust formed on top of the water and the skin of congealed debris comes out in lumps.
It might sound like a gruesome operation but it really isn’t.

Reading all of the above is fascinating and leads me to conclude that our problem was not so much a chip pan down the drain as my not realizing that it had to be emptied - the septic tank people must have done ours in England. So, another job to put on the list; thanks for helpful contributions.

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