Draught excluders!

I want to make some sausage shaped draught excluders to go at the base of my back door but I'm wondering what to fill them with, polystyrene beads are too light, any ideas please!

Now is about the right time to go to Emmaus and check out the blankets. Sometimes it's all just acrylic cr*p, but I've also scored a couple of beautiful wool blankets.

Thanks Melissa, lavender's a great idea...don't have any old blankets at the moment, I think I've seen them secured with leather straps, presumably stitched too, but that would be a cool idea too.

I've used both lavender (I have a few bushes) and I've also tightly rolled thick old blankets into a tube, secured with stiches as I went and as necessary, and then made a cover.

They don't stand a chance with my two cats, trained killers the pair of them!

be careful mice don't eat through if you use rice? Just a thought.

Thanks for all the ideas everyone. I think I might use rice, you can get those catering packs in Intermaché...the only worry I have with using rice or beans, is will they go manky or get an infestation of creepy crawlies after a year or two? Like the sock idea Jan, but don't have enough at the moment.

Don't laugh...we've tons of socks that have lost their partner or got a hole in them, so I used them (clean of course) to fill a draught excluder or two!


How about baking beans/haricot or kidney?

It was builder's sand that was lurking about and the material I used was thick and heavy, so no I didnt. That would of course always be a sensible option and make it easier to wash the sausage - I also made mistake of sewing mine closed so now it is really grubby and I am going to have to make another

Did you have to put it in plastic first, don't want it leaking out....?

I used sand!