Draught proofing and insulation

Lots of discussions on fancy systems all costing loads and something to show off to guests but don't forget the basics, Draught proofing, even a small draught can cause a huge amount of discomfort without even a moments notice. I have to go over building with a thermal image camera to point out heat loss etc but a simple joss stick that produces a little smoke would surfice to go round windows doors floors etc looking for small draughts. Insulating cold spots is also very important in the battle to keep money in the bank. Double glazing seems to vary so much in quality and even good ones are no match for tripple glazing.

Hi Suzanne, Yes it's all down to payback, these days everyone is an accountant, if we spend x when will the break even point be? Ok so financially some things don't make you quiver with excitement but it's better than quivering through a cold winter and more importantly it may not be a cost on your own budget sheet but with the worlds growing population wasting or using more energy than we need to is a cost on the worlds budget sheet. In short if everyone spent a little more on products that use less energy to run we wouldn't need those new power stations etc etc.

Also when the people come out to do an energy survey on your home before you can market it they come armed with some tables to calculate energy usage but not with thermal imaging equipment to see if it's actually working. The house up the road from me had a new roof and 120mm of kingspan and various membranes etc. With the recent snow, I could watch in amazement that the snow came off their roof at the same rate as mine. I have only insulated the walls so far the roof space has a tiny 50mm of badly compressed glass fibre. On paper their roof might get an A rating and mine considerably less (G) but their insulation has been installed so badly they may have well saved their money as the earth hasn't benefitted at all.

Totally agree John, we want triple glazing but it's only worthwhile if the join with the walls surrounding it are well insulated. We have been told we don't need to bother with Triple Glazing down South - nonsense - it gets really cold down here in Winter!