DREAL inspection for vehicles without Certificate of Conformity

Hi Folks…

anyone gone this route in 2019??

It’s been a couple of years almost since we last dealt with them and don’t know if UK/Brexit is causing any hiccups (not that it should, but… )

I’m putting together a dossier for a lovely little UK car and thought there might be some useful tips floating about.

I finally went & bought the CoC for my Iveco, after trying to avoid it for many years.
The tales I’ve heard of the DREAL in Albi are enough to put anyone off going there.

I understand about CoC’s but this particular car does not have that possibility. I’m really asking if anything has changed in the DREAL way of doing things, due to the rubbish that is smothering the UK.

It appears with certain DREAL testers, that there’s an unreasonable amount of hoop-jumping to be performed

My “man” is strict but fair and I have never had a problem in 20 years… perhaps I am twitching unnecessarily. gosh, I hope he hasn’t retired.

I live in the Ariege and have an American car (LHD) It is registered in UK but no CoC. Can’t register it in France :frowning: Some kind (?) person offered to get it registered for €4000!

I’ll let you know how I get on with my “oddity” :wink::upside_down_face: (and my help comes for free… )

If it is a fairly recent car then it may have the correct TVV/CNIT number next to D.2. on the V5c.
If it is there (& correct) then a separate coc/DREAL inspection should not be required.

There has been an issue concerning acceptance of a perfectly valid EU certificate of conformity by some ANTS operatives who then insist on a DREAL inspection as well. Apart from being against EU law it seems to be unnecessary as the DREAL paperwork is for vehicles WITHOUT an EU coc.

Cheers Mark…

This is an angle I will investigate further but I not think it is that simple for this strange little vehicle.

When I talked things through with the Agen office … I answered all his questions and asked some of my own. Finally, the man sighed heavily and said he “hoped” that DREAL would be able to “pass” the car after thorough inspection, but he was not certain as it was such an oddball …

I will keep folk up to date…

What car is it, Stella? Is it a grey import?

I wouldn’t touch a grey import with a barge pole… so it had better not turn out to be one of those - or heads will roll. :crazy_face:

As I say, I let you all know when I find out more info…

Can you throw up a picture Stella?

We are all on tenterhooks here!!!

I love a good mystery when it comes to cars…

ASAP… it’s not my car - I’ve been asked to help a friend…

If it is a limited production model or a recent kit car then you will certainly have problems.
Without knowing even the year there is not much help I can give you.
Hopefully it will turn out to be a simple DREAL inspection & not one that requires a visit to UTAC in Paris for the major checks.

Is it a Delorean Stella ?
I bet it’s a Delorean…

OK folks… this is the nearest I can get… :wink:


Just got a CoC for my Volvo. Not a classic car, but where the dealer just shrugged his shoulders ‘never heard of a CoC’.
Volvo UK, after a quick phone call and email issued a CoC free of charge.
Now trying to track down a CoC for a Saab…
Any pointers where to start?

We had it the same with Honda UK, CoC issued without delay and free of charge after I emailed to request it.

Saab UK - 170 euros. Delivered in 2 to 10 days. https://www.rbmperformance.com/lng_EN_srub_161_iprod_3599-certificate-of-conformity-saab-1997-2012.html

No CoC for our 1993 Saab. Built before CoC became law, company not in existence anymore. Will have to probably go the DREAL inspection route.