Dressmaking patterns for essentials

I’m thinking about blowing the dust off the sewing machine and making some clothes again. I’m tired of trying to find just the right thing in the shops and when I do - seeing the price tag and realising its way out of my league.

I’ve been browsing the main pattern websites like Butterick, Vogue etc. and it’s like the styles haven’t changed in ages! Has anyone got any recommendations for where I can get up to date patterns for basic essentials with a bit of style ?

“but you do have to be shaped like 14 year old girl…” I know exactly what you mean!

I’ve used them and found them good too.

I also got a copy from a junk shop of What not to Wear. They are really bang on with what suits a certain shape of lady

there are some gorgeous Japanese pattern books for dresses (mums and daughters) etc. in Leclerc Culturel in Orthez but you do have to be shaped like 14 year old girl…

I am investigating - but before I left the UK a friend told me about Japanese dress patterns. She was getting quite excited about having found something adaptable and different - I’ll keep you posted

One of the best pieces of advice I was ever given was to go shopping without money but with a notebook. Try on clothes; some you think you like others that are not your normal choice.
Look hard in the mirror, why does that suit you? forget the fabric for a moment look at shape and fit first, draw the shapes that are right, or write notes if you are no artist. Fold, pleat etc. to see where you could change the it to make it suit.
Then look at colours and fabrics does that one drape better on you or are you someone that needs a stiffer fabric. Pattern or colour of fabric come after that. Once you have an idea of shape and fit that suits you, you can begin to buy patterns &/or clothes that really suit your body type and lifestyle.

I thought it was very sound advice. I know my body shape has changed greatly since having children!! I look better in trousers without too many pockets and longer tops that don’t divide my body up, saving me pointing out my big hips and thighs quite so much .LOL

you just have to decide which makes you like and fit and then keep searching the names on Ebay. I have had some good stuff. I actually am average height in France lol!

spooky - have just posted about Boden - wait for the sales - they are fabby. I recently got a lovely multicoloured top and a tunic and am very pleased with them. Also a gorgeous summer dress - cream with huge red flowers on it - feel like Grace Kelly (shame about the coiffure lol!)

I tend to buy online from a few favourite stores or makes - I know my UK friends buy a lot on Ebay, especially the ones who live out in the wilds of north Lancashire! I like Boden, it fits well, and the sizing is good for me and they have good sales.

I find French clothes very strange - and I object to being classed as Large when I am just a 14!! I particularly detest the asymmetric stuff.

there are some wonderful materials around too

You might like this site for patterns. I’m not affiliated just a happy customer. my mum put me onto them this summer when I needed a pattern for myself for once!! LOL