Dried Ceps/Porcini on sale at LIDL

Lidl are selling 40 g jars of dried ceps at just 2,19.

They were priced up at 3,99, but I guess they must have been reduced.

I made this by Simon Hopkinson on Saturday evening - LIDL even have the Parpadelle at 99p.

I used jamon iberico, but any good French cured ham will taste just as good.

The depth of flavour in the mushroom sauce was incredible - a wonderful baked pasta dishfor cold winter evenings.

Don't be put off by the mess - that's part of the fun!

No, the writing is rather small,but they are superb!

Hi Helen,
Thanks for passing on the info. Do you know where these mushrooms are grown? Anything on the label or a code (to look at the origins). Great price!

I would cut up the cauliflower into quite small florets - don't overcook though.

I used a half jar of the ceps and that gave an excellent flavour - A taste of heaven for just over 1 euro!

Now there's an idea. Thanks Helen!

No worries- use a vegetable instead of the pasta - it will still taste fab!! COurgettes,sweet potatoes, cauliflower would taste divine!

That sounds yummy. There are times when I really wish I wasn't on a low-carb (so... no pasta) regime... :(